The 50-Day Challenge

Who: Our valued members, coaches, and family/friends of CrossFit Redondo

 What: A 50 day eating challenge that will forever change the way you eat!

 Where: Your Kitchen

When: January 8th -February 26th


The Challenge

 The premise is simple. For 50 days, you will aim to eat whole, unprocessed foods. In addition, you will track your nutrient intake and aim to hit specific nutrient levels on a daily basis using a nutrition app.

 The General Goals are:

1.   Eat whole foods from the Pristein List provided

2.   Follow the guidelines and FAQ provided

3.   Fill out the Health Form provided

4.   Track your nutrient intake through the Cronometer app

5.   Use your score sheet provided to track your daily score and total running score


Each day, there are 2 points to be earned. If you eat cleanly from the list and follow the guidelines, you receive 1 point for that day

If you cover all of your nutrient intakes, you receive a second point for that day.

At the end of the 50 days, you will receive a score out of 100 points.