The Story of CrossFit Redondo

The story of CrossFit Redondo begins at my (Ryan) parent’s garage in Palos Verdes. There, workouts were done on the driveway, with minimal if not zero equipment, and were free of charge. As this grassroots group of dedicated individuals started to grow and become more fit, so to did my dream of one day having my own gym. After 4 months at the parent’s house, I moved to Redondo Beach where Paulina Fitness was born and went strong for 20-months. “The Pit”, as it was called, was located in the backyard, and was fully equipped with barbells, kettle bells, a pullup bar and even a large retaining wall for handstand pushups. Those brave enough to endure cold mornings, dark nights, hot sun, two-stair cases, and crowded conditions thrived at Paulina Fitness. This is where the community began to take its roots.

Today, CrossFit Redondo exists in a 3,000 square foot stand-alone facility. The back area boasts a private nine-spot parking lot and plenty of room for outdoor workouts. 


The gym itself is outfitted with Rogue equipment, the highest quality CrossFit equipment available. The gym offers room for gymnastics, rope climbing, barbell movements, strongman lifts, and friendly neighborhoods to run through (and sometimes get lost in). The gym was designed with safety and function in mind so that each individual receives a quality experience.

Redondo’s primary goal is to create the healthiest and most fit community possible. The facility not only offers CrossFit training but will soon offer nutritional counseling. CrossFit Redondo is a one-stop place to become the healthiest YOU ever. CrossFit Redondo is different from other traditional gyms in that we want you around all the time. The more you’re around the more fit you are going to get and remember, that is our mission. Finally, CrossFit Redondo is a community of people with a common goal: the desire to improve their life with fitness. Regardless of athletic background, age, gender, skill level etc., everyone is part of the community. Let’s build the fittest community ever!