Specialty Classes

Specialty classes include Gymnastics, Endurance, Olympic Weightlifting, and Competition Team Training. 


The gymnastics class is for everyone looking to expand their Crossfit gymnastics skills: Toes to bar, chest to bar, HSPU´s, etc.. Athletes will learn to master their bodies through mobility, flexibility and strength.

With proper progressions, ranging from learning a bar kip to stringing toes to bar, from planks to handstands, this class is the best choice for everyone looking to master their own bodies. The class is broken down into a warm up, skill of the day, conditioning and finally a cool down. Attendees will work on their static pulling and pushing strength, core strength and extensive mobility drills among many other things.

Class is taught by Joshua Chan, former gymnastics national team member in Mexico. With over 9 years of gymnastics experience, Joshua will drive you to become a better athlete in a safe, fun environment.


The goal of this program is to improve cardiovascular endurance as well as stamina.

All Endurance workouts will be longer than the daily WODs. Workouts include running intervals, body weight movements, plyometrics, jump rope and rowing.

Most Endurance classes are held at CrossFit Redondo, however, check the Daily Blog and Facebook page for location changes. If longer workouts are a weakness for you, this is the perfect class to build your engine!

Olympic Weightlifting

Athletes will perform accessory movements and drills that will improve the Olympic lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk). There are a lot of countless things that go into making these lifts great, and athletes will learn everything from beginner level to advanced.

These lifts require power, balance, flexibility, and strength; all of which will be broken down and taught to the athletes.

If you are looking to nail down these lifts, this is an opportunity to have your movement patterns looked at and improved upon. The course is taught and programed by Head Trainer Ryan Doyle who is USAW certified.