The 3rd Annual No Bread Challenge (NBC) is here, and it’s time to prepare for another healthy month of October. A few changes will be in play this year, so continue to check the blog this month for all the details.


You will start with 100 nutrition points. On October 1st, you will have possession of your NBC Scoring sheet and will begin recording any cheat foods/drinks, which will be deducted from your 100 initial points. At the end of the challenge you will have a raw score which will reflect your adherence to the diet portion of the challenge. The honor system is in full effect, so be sure to accurately record all negatives. This year, anyone who has a perfect score will earn a prize. All perfect scores will be entered into a tie breaker, which will be determined by the Juicing Portion* of the NBC.

Everyone will have one safe day. This is a 24-hour period during the month where no negative points will count against you. It’s not a day where you eat ice cream and drink beer all day. Remember, this challenge is about having the healthiest month of your life. It’s for an occasion, or a slip up, or just a day where you gave in a little. That day needs to be written on your score sheet.

Unlike years past, the weigh-in and body fat % testing will be optional, not required. If you would like to have this testing done, see one of the coaches before or after class.

There is a $10 entrance fee. One-hundred percent of this fee goes towards prizes for those who perform well on the challenge. The winner will get their name etched in CFR history on the plaque too!


There is going to be an additional aspect to the competition this year. I’m going to encourage each and every member to juice during the month of October. The benefits of juicing are many and more, but it is not a common practice amongst most healthy individuals. Juicing is one of the best ways to get a ton of nutrients in a small package. However, having a juicer, cleaning it, buying lots of produce can be off-putting to some.


Our goal during this challenge is to juice 6 days per week, always in the morning. I will post a variety of recipes you can use to get a good variety of benefits and flavors. Scoring wise, if you make it through the week and do 6 days, that’s an extra point on your score (there are 4 points out there for the taking). Juicing 6 days a week is the only way to gain points during this challenge. So buy a juicer, borrow one from a friend, or find a local juice bar. Only freshly made juice will count! No store bought processed, sugary BS

There will be 3 zones for cheat foods that will earn you negative points. Below are the zones and the negative points you will be responsible for recording on your score sheets:

Zone 1 (-1)

Brown Rice

Multi grain bread

Brown Rice Pasta

Additional Alcoholic Beverage (1 alcoholic beverage per day w/ no penalty, no rollover)

Additional Coffee (1 cup of coffee per day with no penalty)

Dark Chocolate


Zone 2 (-2)

Bread (white, wheat, sourdough, etc)

Tortillas (corn, flour, chips)




Rice (white, spanish, basmati etc)

White Pasta



Zone 3 (-3)

Cake (cupcakes, twinkies, cookies, etc)

Ice Cream



Soda/Diet Soda (each can is -3)

Sugary Cereals


Sugary energy drinks, “fruit” drinks, Tang, Crystal Light, Gatorade, etc


Okay to Eat

Oats (whole oats, not the processed oatmeal from Vons!)

Quinoa, Sweet Potatoes, Vegetables, DLG's, Nuts, Seeds, Beans, Legumes

Meat, Fish, Eggs, Fruit

Other Foods and Considerations:

Regarding dairy, you may have one small serving of dairy per day (half a cup of cheese, half a cup of milk, half a greek yogurt). Any additional dairy will be -1 per extra serving 

I know many of our members love the Acai Bowl Cafe near the gym. The rule for Acai Bowls is this: you may have 1 bowl per week with no penalty. That bowl may not have granola. I realize the bowls consist mainly of fruit, but the amount of sugar in these bowls is very high.


The Survivors Guide

The No Bread Challenge is on! Here is Ryan's Survivors Guide for the NBC '14:

The NBC is all about the five P's: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Procedure. If you can plan out your meals a week ahead, you'll survive and thrive in October.

Do the majority of your food shopping and meal prep on Sundays

You're going to need tupper-ware, and lots of it. Cook your meat, boil your sweet potatoes, grill/bake your veggies, and set aside your produce for juicing. Do all this on Sunday. Make enough food to last you through Saturday. Or, make enough food to last you through mid-week, and redo your process on Thursday. 

Sunday Sample Shopping List

3lbs Grass Fed Ground Beef

2 cans of Wild Caught Tuna

4 Sweet Potatoes

2 Bags Spinach

1 Bag Kale or Arugula or Spring Mix

3 Cucumbers (juicing or cooking)

3 Avocados

1 Bag Almonds or other Nuts

1 Bag of Broccoli or 3 large stocks

For Juicing: 6 Apples, 12 Carrots, 1 Beet, 6 Lemons, 3 Celery Stalks. This lineup should get you through a week. Add in spinach, kale, lettuce etc

Scout out restaurants that fall under the rules of the NBC

 This is your month to really dive in head first with your nutrition. It's to see how 30 days of clean, purposeful eating affects your well-being. Every single participant will have obstacles to overcome whether it's weddings, parties, travel, special occasions etc. However, if you take this challenge seriously, there is a solution for all situations. Make sure you pick restaurants that you know can make you a healthy meal. Be "that guy" who subs spinach for rice or pasta. 

Restaurant List (obviously not everything on the menu is fair game, but you can find meals that comply with the NBC rules):

The Counter, Jus Poke, La Sirena, Chicken Maison, Green Temple, Yellow Fever, Veggie Grill, Zayna's, Lemonade

How to overcome travel, parties, weddings

 Building off the last section, it is important to plan ahead in these situations. For parties and weddings, eat a large healthy meal before the event. Most of these situations have finger foods that are within the rules of our Challenge (vegetable platters are your best friend). I've even brought a tupper-ware to a party and secretly eaten its contents outside. For travel, pack lots of dry goods like nuts, trail mix, food bars, almond butter, fruit, and jerky. These snacks will get you over the hump of tempting airport food and keep you full during long flights.

What you need ASAP

Now is the time to figure out what you need for success during the month of October. A juicer is an absolute must. Are they expensive? Oh ya, but there is no better investment when it comes to your health. Is your kitchen fully stocked and ready to rock? Tupper-ware, kitchen utensils, appliances, etc. Don't use the excuse that you don't have the proper tools for the job! On a different prep note, make sure you are fully equipped with Paleo cookbooks, recipes, juicing ideas, shopping lists, etc. It may even be wise to write up a weekly plan and put it your fridge for reference. Also, print out the rules of the NBC for quick reference.

Mental Prep, Obstacles, and other Shenanigans

This challenge has really impacted some of our current members in a positive way. If you commit to it, the benefits will be worth it. Having said that, there will be obstacles that present themselves for everyone. There may be pushback from friends, co-workers, and even family. Have your 30 second "elevator talk" prepared for these situations. Explain that each year, October is your "cleansing month". You may even get them to jump on board. Every year, I get a lot of questions about specific types of foods or bars or fringe products. Use your best judgement. Remember, the goal is not to find loopholes in the challenge, but to eat as healthy as possible everyday. 

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Procedure! Start your planning today; make sure there are no obstacles for you come October 1st. Get your shopping lists dialed in, scout out healthy restaurants, research paleo/healthy recipes, stock your kitchen with the right tools, and create a plan for future travel/events/parties. Good Luck!