A. Front Squat

5 @ 70%

5 @ 75%

3 @ 80%

3 @ 85%

B. 12-9-6 reps of:

Front Squat (165/115)*

L- Pullups

*from the floor


10 Short Hill Sprints

Rest 1 min


Rest 3 minutes

1 mile run

9am Lifting

High Hang Snatch + Hang snatch Below Knee


Hang Clean + 2 Jerks


Behind Neck Push Pres





10am WOD

1200m Run

40 DB Power Snatch (45/30)

800m Run

30 DB Power Snatch

400m Run

20 DB Power Snatch

11am Competirors Class

A. Hang Power Snatch Above Knee


Hang Power Clean Below Knee + Jerk


Sntach DL to Knee with 5 sec hold


B. 4 rounds:

12 Chest to Bar Pullups, Rest 30 sec

8 Sprint Burpees, Rest 30 sec 

10 DB Press (45/30)

Rest 2 minutes

C. 5 Rounds:

10 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

5 Muscle Ups

CFR Competition Team Training

A. Clean DL + Clean + Fr Squat + Jerk


B. 8 min AMRAP:

5 Cleans (155/105)

15 Release Pushups 


CFR Competition Team Training

This program will be designed for the advanced CFR athlete who is serious about competing for the gym. Competitions may include CrossFit, Olympic Lifting and/or Powerlifting. The competition class will be high volume, fast paced and consisting of advanced movements. For now, the team will meet twice per week, and possibly 3-4x in the near future. At this time, the class will be invite only. However, if you are interested in competing but do not meet the below requirements, please talk to Ryan asap. The schedule and structure will be as follows:

Wednesdays at 6pm and Saturdays at 11am

-Arrive at 5:40pm and be generally warm by 6pm sharp. (10:40am on Saturdays)

-The competition team workout will be written on the back white-board. It will typically begin with weight lifting or a strength piece. We will be under a time crunch, so it is important to flow through the programming in a timely manner

-after the lifting portion is completed a skill or EMOM type of piece will follow. This may consist of more lifting, gymnastics, or strength, depending on the cycle

-the 3rd piece will be metabolic conditioning

Requirements for attending Competition Classes:

-80%+ RX of daily WODs

-currently or planning to come to 5+ regular classes per week.

-proficiency in the Olympic lifts (close to or at body weight snatch)

-proficiency in gymnastics movements:  RX with chest to bar pullups, HSPU’s, ring dips, pistols, etc

-a good understanding of the terminology and performance of the primary & accessory movements (snatch pulls, clean extensions, jerk balance etc).

Athlete Spotlight: Scott Magee

A. Press


B. 20 KB Push Press RT Arm (53/35)

40 Double Unders

20 KB Push Press LT Arm

40 DU's


40 DU's


40 DU's


40 DU's



4 x Knob Hill Run

Rest 4 minutes

4 x Ave C Run

Rest 2 minutes



Get to know one of our more dedicated and hard working members, Scott Magee:

Short Answers:

How long have you been Cross Fitting: I started in July, 2012

Favorite movement: Back Squat

Least favorite movement: Anything that requires getting a bar overhead

Favorite Workout: Either Barbara or Jackie (wife and daughter’s names)

Chalk or No Chalk: Mostly no chalk, but chalk on occasion

Favorite cheat meal/food: Mac and cheese or bread

Preferred parking area (back lot, PCH, avenues): PCH

Reason missing a workout: No excuse, but sometimes work or Ryan’s football or lacrosse games get in the way.

Words friends use to describe your Cross Fitting: Insane.  They’re afraid that I have joined a cult.


1. Describe the Open experience for you. What was your favorite moment? It was a great experience.  I was reluctant to do it because there are so many movements that I struggle with that I knew would be included.  True to form, in three of the first four weeks there was one movement that I either had not done before or had not done nearly as many reps as would be required.  First, there was double unders.  Then it was pull ups.  Finally, in week four, it was toes to bar, 50 of them.  In each case, I did more than ever before and better than anticipated.  My favorite moment in the Open was in 14.5.  Each week I set what I thought was a realistic goal for myself and for 14.5, thought that I could complete it in 30 minutes and hoped that I could do it in 25 minutes.  When I finished in 19:58, I was thrilled.  Each week the Open had pushed me to do more than I thought I could do and likely would not have done had I not participated.  I can’t wait to do it again next year.


2. Your consistency with your attendance has been solid since you started. What is your secret to staying consistent? It’s a priority for me to attend regularly and I try not to let anything get in the way.  I am fortunate that my work schedule is consistent and I don’t have to deal with many deadlines, so I am able to leave the office in time to get to either the 6 pm or 7pm class on weekdays and unless Ryan has a Lacrosse game on Saturday or Sunday, I am able to make most of those classes as well.  I enjoy doing it, so it’s pretty easy for me to attend regularly.


3. What does CrossFit mean to you and how has it improved other areas of your life (other than fitness)? Prior to becoming a Cross Fitter, I did not pay much attention to what I ate or drank.  Between the food challenge months and the nutrition classes, I have totally changed my eating habits.  The result is that I have way more energy than before and a whole new wardrobe, since all of my clothes were very quickly too large.


4. What do you like to do outside the gym? Ski, snowboard, mountain bike, play tennis, read  and watch sports, live and on TV.  I am a big fan of the Dodgers, Clippers, Lakers, UCLA football and basketball and Long Beach State Basketball.  I follow all of them pretty closely.  I am also a big fan of every USC football opponent.



A. Push Jerk + Split Jerk


B. 10 Strict Pullups

15 Shoulder to OH (185/125)

30 Wall Balls (20/14)

800m Run

30 Wall Balls (20/14)

15 Shoulder to OH (185/125)

10 Strict Pullups 


A big congrats to team "Joe's Heroes" for winning the CFR In House Open Competition! Prizes and a trophy will be handed out soon!


Moving on from the Open

A. Back Squat


B. 8 Rounds of:

5 Pullups

10 Pushups

15 Air Squats

20 Double Unders

Moving Forward from the Open:

The 2014 Open is officially done, and it was by far the most fun and thrilling in our 3 years at CFR. There were countless, amazing individual efforts by so many of our members. PR's were set, barriers were broken and challenges accepted. Many of you went above and beyond your own expectations, and some cases, mine as well. I hope that we can all look back on this experience and see it as a positive one. But the next question is "Now what?"

After the Open, class sizes typically shrink a bit, at least at first. Many are sore, tired, over trained and just burnt out. This is normal. The Open demands higher effort and intensity. Because of this, the next 7-10 days at the gym will be de-load weeks. This doesn't mean the workouts will be easy, but designed to build us back up from 5 weeks of competition.

The main question is what about after we recover from the Open, what then? How do I get better and learn from the Open experience? I've seen this for the last 3 years: for some, the Open is a stepping stone to getting better, in a major way. It can be a catalyst that literally opens new doors to fitness, mainly because it injects confidence in many athletes. Here are few things to be taken from the Open and used to improve your training:

-The Open will expose you: if you have a weakness, the Open will expose it for all the world to see (kind of). But seriously, the Open is a parameter for what is expected of regular CrossFitters. Those movements we saw and the arrangements were as CrossFit is it comes. Get better at those movements and get better at CrossFit. It's that simple. Pick out a few movements that gave you trouble and focus on making them new strengths for next year

The Open will give you momentum: people seem to show up more, and train more during the Open. They stay extra and practice toes to bar or cleans. Why can't this be the scenario year round? If you had a breakthrough during the Open, NOW is the time to focus on that and get better. Use the momentum of improvement you saw in the Open, and continue to make strides. If movements are put on the back burner, they will stay there and never improve

The Open will change your perception of "going 100%": I spoke with one of our members who said she thinks she's been doing the WOD's at about 80% effort, now that she experienced the Open. This is a huge realization; imagine how much more results you will get if you give "Open Effort" day in and day out. Now, this may not be possible from a mental or physical standpoint on a daily basis but a good rule is to give 100% of whatever you have that day. One change I'm going to make in programming is every once in awhile the workout will be written and the goal will be to do the workout at Open pace

The Open will make you unsatisfied: As the saying goes, "No CrossFitter is happy with their position on the leaderboard". Well maybe a few are, but you get the point. You can always get better. To me, not being totally happy with your standing or performance is a positive thing. It will make you hungry in your future training. If you' read this far, good on you! I want you guys to ask myself and the coaches what you can do to get better. We may tell you,  based off your Open performance that you need to stretch 6 days per week, or get on a back squat program, or attend the yoga, endurance or weight lifting class. We may tell you to take more rest days or come in more frequentlty. The end goal will be to make you a more well-rounded, fit individual

A final note on classes, attendance and your membership

Steph and I are in the process of implementing a sign in system for the gym. It will likely consist of swiping an Ipad when you walk in the door. Until then, Steph is tracking everything old school excel spreadsheet style. She's been doing it for about a week and the findings have been eye opening. The long term reason for doing this is it gives us a better idea of what classes are the busiest, what days of the week are the lightest, who isn't coming in, who's coming in more than membership allows etc. The main goal is get a better feel for overall attendance and imrpove the daily goings-on at the gym. A couple notes:

-when a membership is purchased, the expectation and agreement is that the member fulfills that membership. A three times per week membership simply means you are allowed to attend 3 classes per week. If you have a special situation (travel, illness, injury) Steph will work with you on this. However, it is expected that 3 classes will be attended per week rather than a different variation from that. We are also starting a policy that each member gets one "freeze" per year, with no penalty. One of the reasons CrossFit is an effective training program is that it holds individuals accountable for attending classes. We want you to come to the gym!

-specialty classes: we want you guys to come to our specialty classes. They will be a major factor in improving specific aspects of your fitness. Remember, if you attend a class at 7pm on Wednesday and then stay for Yoga, that counts as two classes. Same goes for Endurance on Mondays and Oly lifting on Saturday mornings.

-moving forward, if a member attends too many classes within a given month, it's not a big deal, but we will bill members a prorated rate on additional classes attended.

-if any members would like to change their membership at any point, we can accommodate that immediately. Unlimited memberships give you access to 5+ classes per week, including all specialty classes and nutrition seminars





A. Front Rack Mobility

B. At an easy pace:

4 Rounds:

1 min Row

1 min Plank

1 Jump Rope

1 min Run (200m)

1 min Burpee 

There is a heat sign up sheet in the gym for Saturday. There has never been a "for time" WOD in the Open, so this is new ground. First heat will start at 9:40am, second heat will start at 10:10am, and the 3rd heat 10:40am.

At 9am, we will do our strategy and efficiency of movement session. I strongly urge you guys to show up for that. We will need as many hands on deck as possible come 9:40 for judging purposes. After everyone has done the workout, we will have a party with food (paleo potluck) and BYOB. Should be a fun way to commence the Open and celebrate everyone's hard work!

A. 8-8-8-8

Weighted Strict Ring Rows

B. 3 Rounds:

400m Run

15 Pullups

15 Ring Dips


Tomorrow at 5pm we will have the projector going for the final Open announcement. Should be a good one, 5 Games champions will go at it live at 5pm!

On Saturday, we will have our final Open workout get together. After everyone throws down, we will break out the food and beer for a potluck party. Please bring either a paleo dish or some beer/other beverages.

Sunday at 10am, we will have class as usual. If you can make it to Blair Field at 1pm, myself, Joe P, Joe's brother Mike and Herb will be playing for the Long Beach Adult League Baseball Championsip.


14.4 Recap

A. Thruster


B. 50 Anchored Situps

21 Thrusters (105/75)

40 Anchored Situps

15 Thrusters

30 Anchored Situps

9 Thrusters

Yoga will be tomorrow at 8pm


The rowing machine was introduced into the Open for the first time, and many of now know what 60 cals feels like. Then a casual set of 50 Toes to Bar, which proved to be the most critical part of the workout. We've been practicing toes to bar a great deal, and it seemed to pay off with 14.4. Followed by 40 Wall Balls, which by industry standards wasn't so bad. Then those pesky power cleans, where 135/95 started to feel more like 205/155! Finally, if you were up to it, 20 ring muscle ups. And you had 14 minutes to get as far as possible; THE definition of fun!

We now have 4 workouts worth of data to go off of, so looking within in the gym there are some great rivalries forming. 14.5 will be the rubber match for many of our members, adding to the fun and competiiveness of the Open. Top rivalries are:

Huber vs. Adam: within the gym, they are standing at a dead tie in 10th place. This rivalry did not just begin either. These two go at it at the 6 or 7pm on a weekly basis, trash talking each other constantly. Shoulder to Oh is coming up, a movement where both excel. Huber has been putting in some time with his burpees as well, and that could pay big dividends.

Scott M vs. Dick: in the SoCal Masters Men 55-59 category, Dick and Scott are separated by just 5 places. These two have been pushing each other, and also rooting for each other on every Open workout.

Lynn vs. Trina: Even before the Open, these two were always checking to see what weight each used on the WOD and their respective times. Their Open scores are so close it's scary. They tied on 14.4, were 3 reps apart on 14.1, and 2 reps apart on 14.2. It should be fun to watch who can win this close battle!

Jen G vs. Emily W: I wouldn't say these two are rivals, per se, but their scores are extremely close. They tied exactly on both 14.1 and 14.2. Then Jen took 14.3 and Emily took 14.4. The final workout will be the decider here!

Joe vs. Doyle: long time friends, high school teammates, current teammates, training partners, lifting partners, the list goes on. After 4 workouts, it is a 2-2 tie, 14.5 being the rubber match. Joe is about 20 places ahead of Doyle in the region. Should be an epic battle for the finish


Gentlemen getting through all the cleans:

Enrique, Rob, Joe P, Doyle, Adam, Huber, Norcio, Pete, Joey, and Jimbo



Big PR's:

Diana N could not manage to get through the toes to bars on her first attempt. Her score has 95 (35 toes to bar). The second time around not only did she get through all the toes to bar, but also added 35 wall balls to her total of 145! This was by far the biggest repeat PR of the Open for any of our members!

Jake also repeated and went from 165 to 172. This means he did 7 more cleans, which is a huge effort.

Emily W went from 166 to 169, cleaning #95 three additional times.

Trina did the workout 3 times. This means she did 180 cals, 150 toes to bar, and 120 wall balls in 4 days

Brent G had a 12 rep PR on his second go around

Speaking of Brents, Brent F flipped a switch with 20 seconds left in his workout and did 7 cleans to finish at 178. One of the more memorable Open highlights for sure.

Jen B used a #14 med ball for the first time during 14.4, and did 35 reps with it!

Vince W managed 10 cleans at #135, good for 150th place in the region for his age group!

Kevin L puked after completing 14.4


A. Hill Sprints

8x, rest on walk down the hill

B. With a 10 min cap:

60 Russian KB swings (53/35)

50 Burpees

with remaining time, perform as many double unders as possible. Score is total reps completed in 10 mins

REMINDER: Yoga has been moved to Wednesday at 8pm

This Monday at 6pm, we will reintroduce the Endurance class. It will be at 6pm on Mondays indefinitely

A. Clean & Jerk


B. Open WOD 11.3

5 minute AMRAP:

Clean and Jerk (165/105)*

*clean must pass through a front squat. From there, you can execute a thruster, push  press, push jerk, or split jerk. Clean is worth one rep, jerk is worth one rep.