Friday 19.3

4 Rounds of_
20 Cal Assault Bike
20 Box Step Over w_ 50lb DB’s
20 OH_Front Rack DB Walking Lunge Steps 50lb DB’s-3.png

A. In 10 minutes:

200’ Single Arm Walking Lunge 50/35

50 Box Step Ups (50/35)

50 Strict HSPU

200’ HS Walk

B. 4 Rounds:

400m Row

400m Run

19.3 Thoughts and Strategy

Every year a workout (or two) is announced that seems to shake up the community. This is probably THAT workout for 2019.

I know what you may be thinking “holy cow, 50 strict HSPU’s!” This is if you get there. Ten minutes is a pretty tight window to do 200 feet of lunges and then 50 step ups. However, we coaches will do our very best to assist each individual in devising a safe plan to complete this workout.

Lunges: I would recommend switching arms after every 25 feet. If you have stellar overhead stability, perhaps you could do 50’ and then switch. If you have a shoulder issue on one side, you may bias the “good side”. Longer steps will be rewarded here. Map out exactly how many steps it will take you during the warm up and try not to deviate from that plan.

Step Ups: the DB can be held anywhere. Boom box style on one shoulder, back pack style across the traps, farmer carry style, goblet style, and anywhere else you can think of. PRACTICE multiple styles in the warm up to determine what you like best. Then use that style for a majority of reps and switch it up when you get tired.

Strict HSPU: this is certainly in the muscle up realm where you either have them RX or you don’t. But, ,maybe you have been close in training and have not attempted an RX strict before…and the Open will allow you to practice and get a few. The coaches will help those who are close with positioning, strategy etc.