Ralph (and Open Recap)



4 Rounds:

8 Deadlift (250/175)

16 Burpees

3 Rope Climbs (15/12)

600m Run (ave B)

35 Minute CAP

The Open is usually the fastest 5 weeks at the gym. This year proved the same, at least for me. We went from simple and accessible in 19.1 to high skill 19.2, 19.3 and 19.4 to downright nasty in 19.5. Really all the ebbs and flows of emotion were covered this in the CF Open.

I wanted to congratulate our members who participated at any level during this year’s Open. Take a step back and appreciate that you did something that many would not do. Jump in and join a competition that is neither easy nor comfortable.

I want to recognize our Master’s athletes (55+) who competed hard and are showing us how to get it done as we age. Steven D, Husky Mark, Jeff P, Dr. Marc, Scott M, Dick H, Andy S, Tara, Kathy and Dr Dave

I want to also recognize all of our members who took the time to come in and judge/support their fellow members. This makes the Open so much fun and brings us closer as a community.

There is another Open coming up in October of this year. We have an exciting new format coming that we’ll be rolling out for our in-house team competition. However, this year Team Doyle has repeated as Champions!

Congrats to: Christa, Clint, Dr Marc, Herb, Jimbo, Liesl, Scott M, Palmer, Ramon, Rick E, Shana, Mark Sp, Taras, and Vince W

19.5 Team Results

1. Team Doyle 100 points

2. Team Miguel 95 points

3. Team Chan 90 points

4. Team Rob 85 points

Overall Standings after 4 weeks:

1.     Team Doyle     490

1.     Team Chan      475

2.     Team Miguel    465

2.   Team Rob          425


 Coaches Cup

Week 4 Results

1.     Ryan    18:51          100 points

2.     Miguel  19:17           95 points

3.     Rob     185 reps         90 points

4.     Chan      183 reps          85 points



1.     Ryan    500

2.     Miguel  465

3.     Chan     445

4.     Rob      435