4 Rounds of_
20 Cal Assault Bike
20 Box Step Over w_ 50lb DB’s
20 OH_Front Rack DB Walking Lunge Steps 50lb DB’s.png

15 Minute AMRAP:

19 Wall Balls (20/14)

19 Cal Row

Alright, alright, alright!

19.1 is here and it did not disappoint (in my opinion). Simple workouts are often the best workouts; sometimes the hardest too!

This is a combo that most of you have a lot of experience with. So there’s really aren’t any tricks or surprises here. Fifteen minutes is also a time domain we program quite often. You guys got this!

Wall Balls: if this is a movement you struggle with, consider breaking it into 2 sets from the outset. Allow the weight of the ball to “push” you down into depth. Don’t try to get cute and go 1 millimeter below parallel. One, it takes energy to put on the breaks like that. Two, it will likely lead to some no reps.

Row: for the men, a lot of you guys have done a LOT of 20 cal intervals. So you’ll know pretty well what this feels like and how long it takes, tired. Ladies, this is a little longer than you typically spend on the rower in our CFR workouts. Settle into a pace around calorie 3 and stick to it till 18. I see this all the time: folks get to the 18th calorie of 19 and then pull really hard to get their last cal. my advice is do the opposite, pull hard at 17 and then do 2 tiny half pulls to finish the job. This way you can transition with a lower heart rate.

Shoes or no Shoes: if the squat is a struggle for you (hitting depth, mobility issues, or the 20/14 is really heavy, then wear them. I personally do not like rowing in my lifting shoes. If you have knee sleeves I recommend them for this workout.

Final Thoughts: do not do round one in 90s and round five in 4 minutes. Get round one done in a moderate pace, look at the clock, then repeat for as long as you can. Try to stick to that moderate first round pace the best you can. As you’re getting into and out of the rower, focus solely on taking big, high quality breaths.