A. Every 3 minutes for 5 rounds:

3 Deadlifts @80% +

1. 60s Hollow Hold. 2. 60s Hanging Tuck 3. 60s Hollow Rock. 4. 60s Tuck (parallettes/boxes) 5. 60s Pushup Plank

B. 10 Minute AMRAP":

6 Deadlifts (185/125)


Nutrition Challenge 2019!

Here’s the deal peeps! A nutrition challenge is a temporary method that serves two purposes: one is to change the current way you are eating (for the better). The idea is to create a catalyst for future healthy habits to take their roots. Two, it is an educational exercise that hopefully teaches the participant more about the connection between their body + mind and the food consumed. This is not intended to be a rapid fat loss plan, or a cleanse, or a magic bullet that will change your life overnight. If you choose to participate, I can promise you will walk away with more nutritional knowledge than you had in January.

There are 2 parts to this year’s Nutrition Challenge. Part One: you will track and limit sugar consumption for 28 days. Below I have a grading system for sugar consumed in the month. The lofty goal is to consume ZERO sugar. However, sugar is so widely used in so many foods there will inevitably be slip ups for even the most dedicated participant. Reading food labels will be paramount in this Part. More on that later.

The second part of the challenge is embarrassingly called “taste the rainbow”. Don’t get your hopes up, I will not be giving prizes for the most skittles eaten (see part 1 of the challenge above). In a given day, your goal will be to eat one whole food* from each of the 6 colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. I will talk more about the specifics of why this is a good practice in a later blog. But for now, trust that this will help create more variety in your diet and cover a broad range of micronutrients as well.

This will also be graded on a scale and the two scores will be combined to create a “super grade” for the month of February.

This Nutrition Challenge is free to all CrossFit Redondo members. There are no prizes at the end except for lessons learned from participating and, hopefully, improved health and wellness over the course of 28 days. I would be happy to answer any questions during Open gym or class hours. I love these challenges because every year I get great questions and have always felt those who dive in with both feet get a tremendous benefit. Good luck, and continue to check the blog for more information!

*eating real foods that come from the earth. Red licorice, for example, would not count for red

Sugar Intake Grade:

0-10g sugar: 100%

11-30g: 90%

31g-50g: 80%

51-70g: 70%

71g-90g: 60%

100g+: 50%