18.2, 18.2a Recap



A. EMOM 12

1. 30s L-Sit

2. 12 DB Power Snatch (50/35)

3. 10 Ring Dips 

B. 5 Rounds:

 200m Run

12 Hang Power Cleans (95/65)

50 DU's


18.2, 18.2a Recap

True Grit: Ramon, Christa, Dr.Marc

Each of these athletes fought hard during 18.2a to finish under the 12-minute CAP. However, their perseverance really showed when they used less than 10 seconds to complete a clean. As we all experienced, that first clean was a little sketchy; the legs don’t exactly cooperate after 55 front squats and burpees! Well done you three!


Repeat Wonders: Husky Mark, Josh Adam


HM performed a 207lb clean during his first attempt; during his second attempt….227lbs! Oh, and he also knocked off a minute from his first attempt on 18.2a!


JA had the second fastest time in the gym on 18.2a with a blazing 6:28. This was a 45 second PR from his first attempt. Also, he was able to clean 222lbs for a lifetime of clean PR!


Performance of the Week: Britt + Mark S + Ted V

This was Britt’s second Open workout. The 35lb dumbbells are a bit heavy for her, and getting them into position was not the easiest task. However, she found a way and was able to post a very solid time on 18.2 of 10:15!

 Mark S posted an amazing time of 7:07 on 18.2. His drive and effort on his workouts is evident and this workout was all about will. Not technical or flashy, just go to work; and that, Mark did.

 Ted V had a phenomenal performance on 18.2. Ted’s story is pretty amazing. This is his first Open, and hes lost 40lbs since starting CrossFit. His time of 8:41 on 18.2 was good for a top 10 finish in the gym. It’s not so much about rankings but about progress. This workout really illustrated the massive progress Ted has made in under a year of doing CrossFit!


Team Players:

 Thank you to all who stuck around after a class and judged/cheered on other members! Also, I’d like to thank Joshua Chan for running a smooth 18.2 on Saturday in my absence. Joshua is also very generous with his time, judging many members throughout the week.



Team Results Week 2: 18.2

1.     Team Chan 100 points

2.     Team Rob    95 points

3.     Team Doyle 90 points

4.     Team Miguel 85 points


Team Results Week 2: 18.2a

1.     Team Doyle 100 points

2.     Team Chan    95 points

3.     Team Rob 90 points

4.     Team Miguel 85 points


Overall Standings after 2 Weeks:

1.  Team Chan 295 points

2.  Team Rob 280

3.  Team Doyle 280

4.  Team Miguel 255


Top 10 male scores 18.2:

Josh A. 6:28

Mark S. 7:07

Dr. Dave 7:22

Joey 8:28

Husky Mark 8:31

Ted 8:41

EJ 8:53

Kevin 9:07

Joe S. 9:09

Adam 9:17


Top 10 female scores 18.2:

Steph 7:37

Caitie 8:18

Amy 9:06

Kathy 9:29

Alex O. 9:36

Wendy 10:12

Britt 10:15

Lina 10:28

Diane 10:34

Nat 10:52


Top Male Scores 18.2a

Jimbo 235

Adam 227

H-Mark 227

Josh A 222

Colin 217

Joey 215

Mark S. 205

Clint 195

Frank 187

EJ 185


Top Women’s Scores 18.2b

Caitie 170

Steph 135

Lina 135

Amy A 115

Alex O 115

Shana 115

Trina 115

Kathy 110

Diane 110

Britt 105

Nat 105


Coaches Cup (Week 2)

Doyle        285

Chan        285

Rob          285

Miguel      255