Thursday 18.4 Recap



A. For Time:

50 Cal Row

40 Wall Balls (25/16)

30 Pullups

20 Strict HSPU's

10 Power Cleans (155/105)

B. Every 75s for 9 rounds:

1. 30s L-Sit

2. 15 Back Extensions

3. 10 Dips


18.4 Recap

True Grit: Bob, Tara, Wendy, Miguel

Bob had to work his ass off to get those 6 HSPU’s. With a deadlift max of 485lbs, the 225 deads were a breeze. Bob has been working on his shoulder mobility and really paid off on his ability to lockout and get those reps.

Tara has been doing the Open for the last 4 years and is on the cusp of getting into the “lighter weights” division. However, she just keeps working hard on each and every workout and 18.4 weas no different. She got her first RX Hspu and then went on to get 3 total!

Wendy had an awesome performance on 18.4. She took a top 5 finish in the gym. Wendy cruised through the deadlifts and had to fight hard on the push presses. Her one rep max push press is only 10lbs or so above the 65lbs she was required to lift 45 times!

Miguel gives his all on every workout. I wanted to highlight the fact that he has repeated a few of the Open workouts this year and not gotten a PR. But it is not from lack of effort. What I like about his attitude is he gives the workouts everything he has and whether his PR’s or not he’s back on his feet with a smile and ready to judge/coach another athlete. He sets a great example as coach at CFR.


Repeat Wonders: Lynn +1, Caitie +6, Lina +, Steph +9, Amy +9, Rob +5, Bob + 4, Husky Mark +9, Alex O +7

Performance of the Week: Kathy and Jeff P

This week, 18.4 presented some unique challenges, but our Master’s athletes were up to the task.

Kathy took the top women’s score for the second week in a row! She ended up getting 12 deadlifts at 155lbs! She has shown a well-roundedness that is always rewarded in the Open. Whether it’s a double under, chest to bar pullup or heavy deadlift, Kathy is ready for anything!

Jeff P made it through all 90 of the reps in the 9 minutes. The 185 deadlifts and 95lb push presses are a challenge for him, but he just kept it at until the work was done. A really impressive performance all the way around!


Team Players: Husky Mark, Joe P

H-Mark has been to every Saturday session this Open to help judge and support his fellow members! Joe P made a guest appearance on Saturday and then stuck around to judge athletes in every heat.


PR’s and Firsts: Dahlia, Tara, Jamie C, Britt, Alex O, Bob, Mike F, Vince W

All of the above athletes got their first RX Hspu!

Finished Diane: Kathy, Rob, Miguel, Jeff P, Dick H, Jane, Lynn, Caitie, Andy S, Ryan, Young Ben, Dr. Dave

 18.4 Team Results:

Team Doyle    100

Team Rob       95

Team Miguel  90

Team Chan     85


Overall Standings after 4 Weeks:

1.  Team Chan 480 points

2.  Team Doyle 475

3.  Team Rob   465

4.  Team Miguel 430


Top 10 Male Scores 18.4

Andy S   102

Dr. Dave 94

Dick        92

Jeff P     90

Y-Ben     90

Dr.Marc  88

Josh A    83

Scott M   71

Jimbo     70

H-Mark   66


Top 10 Women’s Scores 18.4

Kathy     102

Dr. Lynn  93

Caitie      91

Jane        90

Wendy    86

Amy A    69

Steph      60

Lina        38

Alex O    33

Kelly H   30


 Coaches Cup Week 4 Results:

 122: Doyle +100   

112: Miguel +95   

108: Rob +90       

N/A: Chan +85    


Coaches Cup Overall

Doyle      485 points

Rob        460

Chan      455

Miguel    445