A. Every 2 minutes for 5 rounds:

    Deadlift x5 @65%

B. 5 Rounds:

   15 Wall Balls (20/14)

   12 Box Jumps 24/20

    9 KB Swings 70/53

18.3 Recap

True Grit:  Britt, Brian, Alex O,

These 3 CFR athletes have all been in the gym for less than a year. With 18.3 being the most technical Open workout thus far, being new to CrossFit can be a bit of a disadvantage. However, each of these athletes fought hard through the movements. The OH Squat weight was a PR for both Britt and Brian. Alex was able to get through all 20 reps, and then grinded out some additional double unders. Congrats to these 3 for being gritty!

Repeat Wonders: Kristin

In her first attempt, Kristin did 100 DU’s in 8:30. This was a major milestone for her; she had never done this many DU’s in a single session. For her second attempt, Kristin did 100 DU’s in 4:40! Just a casual 4-minute PR!

Performance of the Week: Young Ben

Young Ben, 17, weighs 141 lbs. Needless to say 115lb OH Squats are heavy for him. First, Ben did 100 unbroken DU’s in about 60 seconds. Then, he fought hard through the 20 reps of OH Squats. Then, he walked over to the rings as was able to complete 2 ring muscle ups! All-in-all the entire performance was outstanding!

Team Players: Husky Mark, Andy S.

A big thanks to these two gentlemen for coming in on Saturday and judging/supporting our CFR members!

PR’s and Firsts: Caitie, Steven, Kathy

Caitie made it her mission to get a ring muscle up this week. She practiced, attended the gymnastics class, and then came in on Monday for her final try. After several missed, but very close attempts, Caitie got on top of the rings. She had to fight for both the position and then the press it from the dip. I have to say, it was one of the best fights I’ve ever seen for a muscle up. Congrats Caitie!

Steven walked into the gym Monday with less than 50 DU’s under his belt, ever. Not only did he make it through the 100, but he was able to PR his OH Squat at 75lbs, doing 2 reps!

Kathy cruised through the first aspects of the 18.3, leaving her a couple of minutes to get her first Chest to Bar Pullup. When the dust settled she was 5 CtoB’s richer! Several of her reps looked easy, as if she had done 100’s before.

18.3 Team Results

1. Chan

2. Doyle

3. Rob

4. Doyle

Overall Standings after 3 Weeks:

1.  Team Chan 395 points

2.  Team Doyle 375

3. Team Rob 370

 4.  Team Miguel 340

Top 10 Male Scores 18.3

Dr Dave 424

EJ         343

Joey       332

Andy S  323

Mark S  231

Jimbo    231

Scott M  223

Y-Ben    222

Joe S     221

Josh A   220 (5:09)


Top Women’s Scores 18.3

Kathy     225

Caitie     221

Dr Lynn 220 (3:35)

Steph      220 (4:05)

Diane     220 (4:23)

Christa   220 (6:18)

Lina              220 (7:14)

Trina      220 (7:39)

Amy              220 (7:48)

Shana     220 (8:45)


Coaches Cup Week 3

 Doyle +100    385

Rob +90         375

Chan +85       370

Miguel +95    350