Will we see the rowing machine again in 18.2?

Will we see the rowing machine again in 18.2?

A. Power Snatch + Power Snatch + Oh Squat 

B. 14 Minute CAP:

 40  Power Snatch (75/55)

 120 DU's

 40 OH Squats (75/35)

 As many bar facing burpees as possible w/ remaining time 


18.1 Recap


True Grit: Tara

Tara is doing her final Open at RX weights. Keep in mind she is doing each workout with the same weights as Samantha Briggs! Tara was able to fight through several rounds with the 35lb dumbbell as well as showing off some RX toes to bars


Repeat Wonders: Jeff P and Lina

Jeff came in on Monday and spoke with me about a possible redo. He was on the fence and was happy to do the Monday WOD. When Mike Spalding arrived and proclaimed he doing a repeat, Jeff decided to join him. Long story short, Jeff improved his score by 70 reps! He went from 166 to a whopping 236!

Lina fought and scrapped on Monday for 25 more reps! Some of you may know this but Lina cut her hand with a knife about a year ago. She had several months of recovery and even had to go to a hand specialist for therapy. With this workout being quite grip intensive, Lina had to dig deep and overcome some hand pain. If anyone has ever seen Lina do a workout, she holds nothing back; this was even more evident during 18.1

First Open Workouts:

Congratulations to following members who completed their first Open workouts:

Ted, Jamie C, Ramon, Steven, Kristin, Brian L, Mike Spalding, Brett, Koa, Amy A, Josh A, Nat, Britt


Performance of the Week: Joe Sorrentino, 295 reps RX


I’m not sure where to start here. Joe was an absolute machine on Saturday. His toes to bars were as smooth as anyone’s in the gym. He rowed like a man possessed, and he handled the 50lb dumbbell with ease. He just didn’t stop. Joe stuck to the 50-Day Challenge and told me he’s never felt better doing a workout. This is a good testament to the benefits of a solid diet and the effects it has on performance!


Team Players:


A big thank you to Husky Mark, Bob, Andy S and Caitie/Charles Demeyer who came in on Saturday just to support and judge other athletes. I always say that our members run the Open and us coaches are just around for guidance. Let’s continue to make the next 4 Saturday’s big, fun and community driven!



Team Results Week 1

1.     Team Chan 100 points

2.     Team Rob    95 points

3.     Team Doyle 90 points

4.     Team Miguel 85 points


Top 10 male scores:

Josh A: 317

Joe S: 295

Clint: 288

Adam: 287

Mark S: 280

Husky Mark: 274

Joey 273

EJ 271

Andy S. 271

Jimbo 264



Top 10 female scores:

Caitie 289

Kathy 238

Steph 232

Trina 227

Britt 226

Lina 223

Alex O: 218

Amy 213

Shana 213

Christa 198


Coaches Cup

Doyle 349       100 points

Chan 329            95 points

Rob 322              90 points

Miguel 299         85 points