Sunday Schedule


Sunday Schedule:

No Gymnastics

Open Gym from 10am-Noon


Two notes about the 50-Day Challenge:

One, my go-to Vitamin E source has been sunflower seeds. I bought two pounds of unsalted, unshelled seeds at Sprouts for under $10. About 30g of sunflower seeds provides over half the daily needed Vitamin E. Avocado appears to be my second most common source 

Two, every day I've covered all my nutrients, I've also consumed a Super Smoothie. I do not feel this is a coincidence. I'm not necessarily saying one must eat a smoothie every day. But, it is a practical way of packing a lot of nutrition into one meal. My next goal is cover my nutrients without having a smoothie during the day

If any of you guys participating in the Challenge find any useful tips or successful strategies, please send them to me and I will post them for everyone to share!