Bradley (And Intro to Pistol Challenge)


10 Rounds:

100m Sprint

10 Pullups

100m Sprint

10 Burpees 

Rest 30 seconds

U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Bradley R. Smith, 24, of Troy, Illinois, assigned to the 10th Air Support Operations Squadron, based in Fort Riley, Kansas, was killed on Jan. 3, 2010, by an improvised explosive device in Zhari District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. 

He is survived by his wife, Tiffany; daughter, Chloe; parents, Gary and Paula; and brother, Ryan.


CFR’s Frist Ever Pistol Challenge

For the next several months (until January 1st) the one-legged squat aka The Pistol will be emphasized at CFR. The pistol is a movement that is often overlooked, but delivers a great benefit to the athlete who masters it.

I will program them into workouts on different days during the week, once per week. In addition, we will incorporate them into warm ups. We will also emphasize specific mobility and strength drills that will improve the pistol. We will use a whiteboard to track our member’s progress, which will include the level they started and what level they have advanced to.

In order to move up to the next level, the individual must do 4 pistols (2 per leg)

Level 1: to a 24” box, paused

Level 2: to a 20” box, paused

Level 3: to the tire, paused

Level 4: Full Depth Ring Assisted

Level 5: Full Depth Rig Assisted

Level 6: to a 24” Box (no pause)

Level 7: to a 20” Box (no pause)

Level 8: to a tire (no pause)

Level 9: to a med ball or parallette

Level 10: Unassisted, with lifting shoes/heel lift + knee sleeves

Level 11: Unassisted, barefoot, no sleeves

Level 12: Unassisted, lifting shoes, with a 35/20 KB

Level 13: Unassisted, barefoot, with 35/20 KB

Level 14: Unassisted, lifting shoes, barbell overhead 45/35

Level 15: Unassisted, barefoot, barbell overhead 45/35

Level 16: Unassisted, lifting shoes, 70/53 KB

Level 17: Unassisted, barefoot, 70/53 KB

Level 18: Unassisted, lifting shoes, barbell overhead 75/55

Level 19: Unassisted, barefoot, barbell overhead 75/55

Level 20: Unassisted, half body load 

This Saturday at the 10am we will establish your starting level with the pistol. Joshua will also be available on Sunday for initial assessments. If you cant make it to the gym over the weekend, make sure to find your level next week!