17.5 and then a Potluck!


10 Rounds:

9 Thrusters (95/65)

35 Double Unders 

Heres the plan for Saturday:

-We will run a 9:40am heat with 7 athletes. For the purposes of keeping to a schedule and being able to party afterwards, I am asking for a solid crowd to show up at 9am sharp.Even if you don't want to go at 9am, we will need bodies there to judge

-I will brief the group at 9:10am about strategy and then we will go right into a warm up. As pictured above we will not run traditional heats. Rather, we will have a "next person in" format that we will use the rest of the morning

- the way it will work is as the 9:40am athletes finish, we will patch in the next athlete on the list in that person's "spot"

-this means the folks on the list will not know the exact time they will go, so it will be important to stay ready and warm and note when a competing athlete is almost finished with the workout

-after everyone is finished we will clean up the gym and then start to transition into party mode! Feel free to stick around and eat + drink in your gym clothes. Or, go home, shower up and change and come back