Thursday 17.4 Round Up

400m Run

20 Toes to Bar

400m Run

20 Pistols

400m Run

20 Ring Pushups

400m Run

20 Jumping Lunges


17.4 Round Up

PR’s from 16.4

This group did 16.4 a year ago and improved their score this year!


                        16.4                17.4               


Rob                 193                 194

Steph              142                 167                

Richard E       104                   149              

Dr Lynn          170                 172

Scott M           159                 162

Adam              166                 165 *Improved TB from last year

Olga                128                 157

Kathy              150                 168

Dick                 165                 171

Stacey             178                 186

Dan C              165                 165     TB 11:25 90 sec faster

Caitie              122                 182

Emily               165                168

Dr Marc            125               144

Jeff                  156                   165          

Mark S             129                 169

Joey                 168                 172

Colin               139                 150

Clint                 167                     168

Paul K               99                    124


**We believe a few others may have done 16.4 and improved their score this year. We either couldn’t track down the 16.4 score or couldn’t get ahold of the indiivudal to document the PR. If you got a PR on 17.4, let us know asap!



Mark S. got 19 cals into the row last year. This year, he got 54 cals on his first attempt at 17.4! He was just one cal shy of finishing the row portion. He came back in on Sunday and was not only able to finish the row, but get 4 HSPUs!

Emily got 3 HSPUs this year! During 16.4 she was able to finish the row but not do any HSPU’s. She’s worked really hard this year on her HSPU’s and it paid off!

Caitie got 60 more reps this year! She was just getting back into training last year, and this workout shows how far she has come with focused training

Stacey took home top score for the ladies of CFR. She got 8 more HSPU’s than last year for a score of 186

Dick improved his score by 6 reps from last year! He currently sits in 30th in Southern California Men 60+

Kathy finished with 13 more reps than last year. She was able to finish the row and got 3 push presses!

Steph, did 16.4 pregnant with Lily last year. This year she finished the row and did 2 HSPUs!

Tia did 17.4 on Friday and got through 5 HSPU’s. This was a very solid score and a great effort. She came back in on Monday redid it. Her split times were slower on the deadlifts, and she continued to lose time from her first attempt as the workout continued on. She got off the rower with about 1 minute remaining to do HSPU’s. Despite being behind, Tia rattled off 10 HSPU’s for a 5 rep PR! She currently sits in 4th place in Socal.