Monday and B12

Get a food scale by next Monday!

Get a food scale by next Monday!


5 Rounds:

400m Run

20 DB Power Snatch

20 Box Jumps (24/20)


-50 Day Challenge starts in one seek! Download the Cronometer App and buy a food scale! 

-One class at 10am tomorrow

-Open Gym Starts on Tuesday

Open Gym Only Membership

How much: $100 per month. Access to the gym and equipment for up to 9 hours per week

Regular Members: free to use, although it would count as a class. Unlimited members would have unlimited access

When: Starting 1/2/18. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9am-noon

Open gym will be supervised. There will be a coach present, but not necessarily on the floor coaching and watching every movement (like a class).

Opportunities for Private Instruction:

 30-Minute Touch Ups

 You pick the movement and the time, we work together to improve it. This session would focus on one movement or theme. For example, if you want to learn how to climb the rope or begin building the strength/skills for a muscle-up. Even something as simple as improving your technique on cycling a barbell movement like the power clean. Double Unders, OH Squat, and Rowing would be other examples.

One-Hour Private Session

Themes can be mobility/flexibility, weightlifting, gymnastics or sports-specific training. The session could include working on the snatch or split jerk. Another example could look like this: half an hour of mobility followed by a conditioning workout tailored toward the individual’s weaknesses. This session could include skill work towards a specific goal like a muscle-up, linking toes to bar, conquering double unders, or just general efficiency in daily wods.

One-Hour Nutrition Consultations

These sessions would include goal setting, assessments, nutritional education, effective strategies for performance/weight loss, and meal planning.

One-Hour Golf Training

Training for golfers which includes injury prevention, increased power and distance, improved body mechanics, and movement pattern enhancement. These sessions can either be more fitness-oriented or swing oriented (or both).

To schedule a session from the choices above, email

B12 Sources 

Animal Proteins: beef liver, sardines, mackerel, lamb, salmo, grass-fed beef, eggs

Cheese: feta cheese, cottage cheese