The Pristein Program

A. Every 90s for 12 minutes:

       Hang Clean + Push Jerk

B. Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes (8 rounds):

   1 minute: 8 Toes to Bars + max rep Wall Balls (25/16)

   Rest second minute



For the last few years I’ve been struggling with what to do for the nutrition aspect of the gym. Although the one-month challenges were successful for some, they only lasted a month and then all seemed to settle back down.  I wasn’t a fan of the challenge coming to an end, and with that, direction ending too.

I’ve put a lot of thought into The Pristein Program It’s rigid, but fair. It’s a commitment, but worth it.

This program is a year-round lifestyle challenge, specific for the members at CFR. I know that other gyms out there have programs in place, and I’m hoping this one will really set us apart from the typical CrossFit Gym. After all, my background before CrossFit was dietary counseling. Time to use it.

Here’s how it works:

You will get a Food Chart that will list acceptable to eat for the program. The list will be broken down into 3 categories: fat, protein and carbs. You will choose foods from each category to create a balanced meal. You will get better and better at doing this as you go.

I also have a unique addition to add to this program. It’s a 60 question Metabolic Test that will determine what foods you thrive on and what foods you should avoid. By taking this test, you will have a clear idea of the daily percentage of macronutrients you should consume. I will personally analyze your results and provide feedback on how you should specifically approach the challenge. I will then provide you with sample meal plans that work directly with your metabolic type. You wont find a custom diet plan like this without spending lots of money or having your blood analyzed.

Every day you follow this program and do not stray from the list you receive one point. So one day of rock solid eating gets you one point. Any cheats automatically make the day a zero. There is also another point at stake, and will be accumulated if you eat each meal in balance with your unique macronutrient “type”. At the end of each month, you will send me your point totals. I will update an excel spreadsheet to track progress of each individual, as well as the gym as a whole.

I am asking you to try and follow this for a minimum of 6 days per week. Seven is better, obviously, but committing to 6 days per week is my ultimate goal for everyone. This means you get one all-out cheat day if you want one.

I’m going to assume that everyone at our gym wants to improve their diet, fitness, and lifestyle. This is the best way I can think of to do it (in a large community-type setting). I really believe this will be a catalyst for massive improvements with our members. And, of course, the support system will be a huge plus for those who really commit.

The monthly reports on how you’re doing with the program will give me an idea of who is doing it, who is thriving and who needs some help.  


If you would like to go all-in and get a customized nutrition plan, here’s the deal:

Email us at and we can sign you up for Customized Pristein Program. This week only, it’s $99 for gym members. After Sunday it will $129 for gym members.


What you will get:


The Metabolic Typing test, which will determine your macronutrient ratios, what supplements you may need and what foods work for you.


The Health History Questionnaire which will give me an idea of what your current health and diet looks like. These questions will add more information for me to customize a food plan for you


Blood Type analysis


A total of 90 minutes of consultations from me about your test results. (30 minute first consultation as well as three 20 minute tune up sessions to check in and see how your customized diet is going)