No weightlifting tomorrow

A. Every 90s for 12 minutes:

     Snatch + OH Squat

B. 21-15-9

   OH Squat (115/75)

    Strict HSPU


"It seems that those who decide to drastically change their diet are either health nuts, elite athletes trying to win, or those that are terminally ill"  --Charles Wharton

I've never really liked the term "health nut". It basically means you are a normal human being trying to keep your body and mind in top shape. But, if you do CrossFit you are a health nut. Sorry, it's true. You are doing movements and workouts that a large majority of the population simply won't or can't do. This being the case, we should be equally zealous (and nutty) about our diets.

We are also a community made up of elite athletes trying to win. Think about it, if each daily workout is a mini game, you want to perform at your very best, right? Even if we aren't elite athletes making lots of money playing sports, we can still try to eat like them!