A. Every 2 for 12:

Deadlift 3x60, 3x70, 3x75, 2x80, 2x85, 2x85%

No Tap n Goes on the Part A Deadlifts



2 Rounds:

10 KB Swings (70/53)

8 Burpees over the Bar

6 Deadlifts (245/165)

at the 10:00 mark

1 Round:

20 KB Swings (70/53)

16 Burpees over the Bar

12 Deadlifts (245/165)


This Wednesday we will now offer a Weightlifting class at 5pm. It will have the same structure as Saturdays (with some minor tweaks). Please have your weightlifting shoes for this class. If you do not have a pair, but plan to attend this class, talk to Ryan and he will give suggestions on where to get some.


We’re going to try something a bit new. If you are attending the 4pm class and then want to do the weightlifting class, that is fine. We will assume you are warm and you can get right into it. If you are coming in cold for the 5pm, we are allowing you to come early and warm up on your own (or with lifting partners) so that you may start using the floor at 5pm sharp. This way, you can maximize your hour without using the first 20 minutes of class as a warm up period.


At the same token, if you show up at 5pm, that is fine, but you will also warm up on your own and begin lifting when you are ready. My vision for this class is to have members show up and lift, so I can maximize my time making corrections, rather than focusing on the flow of class. As an athlete, your job will be to warm up, check the board for the programming, have your percentages ready, and start getting after it.  If there are movements or complexes that are less than traditional (something other than what we do on Saturday’s), I will post a clear video on the blog the night before of what the movement is supposed to look like.


Once 6pm arrives, the class will end abruptly. I will likely over-program the Weightlifting class so don’t worry if you do not finish everything. But I do want to give the 6pm crew the full gym and not have to warm up around people still clean & jerking.


I do not mind if beginners come to the Wednesday Weightlifting class, but keep in mind the snatch and clean & jerk is not being taught in these classes. It will be assumed that the athlete has a basic understanding of the movement, and equal coaching will be given to each attendee. In other words, I will not be breaking down the movements from scratch.