Open WOD 16.5

Photo by Tomas

Photo by Tomas

Hey Guys, the final Open WOD of 2016 is upon us! We'll run heats tomorrow from 9:30 till 11ish. Then all are welcome to stay and hang out for awhile. Bring beer or your beverage of choice. We can order some food locally as well.




Thruster (95/65)

Burpee over Bar


Thruster Breakdown

Advanced: unbroken

The thruster weight is very light for you. This is category is more for reference. The Games athletes will go unbroken and not blink. Rob/Joe could potentially go unbroken, and they might, but not at the cost of blowing up their heart rate.


Intermediate Plus:

You’ve been doing all the thruster WOD’s in the past year RX. The loads (95/65) are comfortable, but not silly light for you. Below is an example of doing the thrusters in two sets. Many other combinations are possible and can be done by feel

21: 16-9

18: 12-6

15: 9-6

12: 7-5

9: 5-4

6: 6

3: 3



You do most/some thruster WOD’s RX in the past year. You can do 95/65, but not necessarily in large chunks. Or, if you attempt large sets, you quickly burn out.

21: 8-7-6


15: 6-5-4

12: 6-6

9: 5-4

6: 6

3: 3



95/65 is a weightyou do not use often, if ever

4’s and 3’s the whole way