Open Recap 16.1 Tues 3/1

A. 6 Set of 3 reps of Front Squat, Every 2 minutes

    60, 70, 75, 80, 80, 80%

B. Every 3 minutes 12 minutes:

    20 Wall Balls (25/16)

    10 Deadlifts*

*Mens weights: 185, 205, 225, 245

*Womens weights 125, 135, 145, 155


Open 16.1 Recap

I'll try to keep this short. Saturday (and the other sessions of folks doing the workout on other days) was nothing short of incredible. I'm not going to lie, I was more nervous for this workout than any other Open workout. I mean, OH walking lunges in a small gym isn't exactly ideal. However, on Saturday our community came together and absolutely rocked it. Both workout-wise and taking care of each other. The support and love was evident. You guys were flexible, helpful and made a tough situation into a smooth one. I think it might have been our best Open Saturday ever!

Team Doyle:

Eben rocked the teen division with his 97 reps! He was able to do several rounds of chin over bar pullups, a first for him

Had solid triple digit male efforts from Erik F (191) Norcio (171), Clint (146), Mark Spalding (139), and Rick (11)

Trina and Shana both eclsiped the 100 rep mark with 117 and 110 respectively


Team Rob

Marianela did all four Open Workshops and her hard work paid off big time. She came into the open with no chin over bar pullups. After Saturday, she is 8 chest to bars richer. Amazing progress and effort on her part

Danielle also didn’t have chest to bar pullups coming into the Open, but she did attend to the C2B Worksop. On Friday night she did 29 chest to bars!

Richard E, 68 years old, did76 reps RX in his division. He ended up doing 20 reps of STRICT  pullups

Paul K and Wes did their first Open workouts. Paul K was able to get multiple reps of C2B Pullups, while Wes made the 95lb lunges look easy

Dick Haynes is currently ranked 172nd WORLDWIDE in his age group!


Team Stacey

Kelly Hunt came in with the goal of getting 100 reps but ended up with a nice 116!

Joey had to stop the workout a couple minutes in on Forday night because the barbell bounced into his shin. He shook it off, came in Sunday and crushed the workout for a score of 169

Jeff W fought harder than anyone this week. Overhead mobility is something he has been working on for a few years now. So holding 95lbs overhead is not easy for him, let alone lunging with it. He ended up doing 100 feet of OH Lunging, often times fighting for each foot as it came. Awesome work

Kim came in on Monday after being sick for the weekend. Coming into her session, she had never done a chin over the bar pullup. When she left today, she had completed 8 chest to bar pullups!

Scott M has been working his gymnastics with Joshua and was rocking unbroken pull-ups


Team Joshua

 Similar situation to Jeff, Wendy wasn’t sure about holding the 45lbs required of her over her head. She managed to get 2 trips of lunges, despite failing several times in her warm-up

Diane is doing the Open this year! And she rocked a 130 for her first official Open workout!

Tia and Ben repped the Teen division with their scores of 73 and 104 respectively

EJ and Colin both went over 3 digits with 117 and 104 reps

Olga got her first Chest to Bar and ended up with 12 total!


Team Steph

Lina came into the Open without C2B Pullups and ended up with 24

Kathy rocked the 55+ division with 84 reps and completed 24 pullups RX’ed

Mike K rocked his first ever Open workout with a solid score of 117

Crafty veterans Adam and Casey went 140 and 132 respectively

Lynn has been working diligently on her gymnastics and it showed on her C2Bs!

Scores counting for Team CFR:

Joe P 238

Ryan 212

Rob 208


Stacey 169

Lynn 168

Emily 143