Saturday 16.1

Plan Tomorrow:

We will do a brief strategy session at 9am an then get going asap with the first heat. We did some experimenting tonight and it looks like we can run heats of 5, safely. Tomorrow is going to be really fun, but also pretty hectic. The reason being we are going to have people traveling around with a barbell over their head. I'm asking you guys to be very patient and flexible tomorrow. Keep your head on a swivel. We will need two people to do their lunges and burpees on the turf out front in every heat. This is not a big deal at all. It's a 20 minute workout, so a short walk in and out will actually be a nice natural rest. This workout isn't very spectator friendly either. We will be trying to use every possible foot of floor space in the gym to accommodate the lunges. So there will be enough room for athletes and judges, and maybe a few spectators in the corners. Don't be afraid to warm up on the driveway, the back area or the areas in front of our next door businesses. 

20m AMRAP:

25' OH Walking lunge (95/65)

8 Bar Face Burpees

25' OH Walking Lunge

8 Chest to Bar Pullups


25' Front Rack Lunge (45/35)

8 BF Burpees

25' Front Rack Lunge

8 Jumping Pullups