Saturday Muscle Up Clinic

Photo by Liesl

Photo by Liesl

Schedule Tomorrow:

8:30-10:00am Muscle Up Workshop (a few spots remain)

10am Oly Lifting

A. Snatch

   3x60%, 3x70%, 2x75%, 2x80%, 1x90% x 3

B. Clean and Jerk

  same as snatch

C. Snatch Grip RDL

      6 sets of 3x80%

D. Press


11am WOD

600m Run

20 Strict HSPU's

40 Situps

400m Run

15 Strict HSPU's

30 Situps

200m RUn

10 Strict HSPU's

20 Situps

100m Run

5 Strict HSPU's

10 Situps