Road Life 2/11

Casey was nice enough to blog for us tonight!

Casey was nice enough to blog for us tonight!

A. Every 2.5 minutes for 12.5 (5 rounds)

    20s Box L-sit* + 8 Strict Chest to Bar Pullups**

     *advanced use paralllettes 

    **either RX or Racked Barbell Supine Row, no bands

B.   4 Rounds of:

      8 Thrusters (95/65)

      8 HSPU's

      8 Burpees over the Bar

Road Life

by Casey Stewart 

Whats up CFR family. Ryan asked me to document some of my experiences over the last few months.

As many of you know, my time at the CFR has been a bit compromised as of late. And I know many of you have seen some of my posts on facebook with the #roadlife tag.  I recently accepted a new position which has me on the road a few days per week.  Upon accepting my new position I was certainly excited for the opportunity, but a little nervous to say the least.  I really didn't want to compromise my health and well being.  

For me, Crossfit is much more than a strength and endurance program. I truly believe in the saying "sound body, sound mind."  Being in "Crossfit" shape certainly helps with other aspects of life as well, namely sleeping.  I have never been a sound sleeper, but working out certainly helps. I also believe conquering certain workouts and the likes carries over in our professional lives. If nothing else just showing up to the gym when you are sore, says a lot about ones work ethic. So I was a little nervous to say the least knowing my gym time would be compromised with this new position.

I told myself if I take this position, I will get into a gym at least once a week while on the road. Having that mind set has certainly helped.   Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of dropping in to quite a few gyms.  Aside from my growing T-Shirt collection, I have taken little pieces from almost every gym I have been. As many of you know I struggle with mobility, which is quickly pointed out almost everywhere I go.  One thing I have heard at many places in one for or another....."so do you have tight shoulders?" What's really cool is each trainer/coach usually has one small tidbit or thing they have offered to help improve it.   

One of the things I appreciate the most, is I can be in a completely foreign place, and for that one hour a day, I feel as though I am connected in some ways with these new faces even though they are effectively strangers.  Even being the "new guy" every person wants you to succeed.  Fist bumps, high fives and good job, seems to be the norm whether your at home at CFR or on the road.   

Virtually every gym has been extremely welcoming, and I would say excited to have someone drop in.  Turning this around it certainly makes me more aware of when we have a new member or drop in at CFR.  I can speak from first hand experience, it makes you feel good when someone you don't know randomly introduces themselves to you.

An interesting side note. I still carry a 24hr fitness membership, as I figured there will be some places whereby I wont be able to find a Crossfit gym.  I am now questioning this.  This week I am in Redding, CA which is a couple hundred miles North of Sacramento.  To my surprise there are three Crossfit gyms here, and not a single 24 hr fitness.

If you find yourself out of town for work or even pleasure, I would highly recommend dropping in to a gym. I have found using Google to be a little better than For me its become somewhat a home away from home. 

As a side note, Thank you Ryan for all the HSPU's. Typically when I do these, at CFR some form of a four letter word comes out of my mouth about 15 - 20 reps into it.  I havent' seen these done at too many places.  Typically gives you end edge when everyone is dying 10 reps into the WOD.