A. Every 90s for 9 minutes:

   Back Squat x 1 @90%

B. Every 5 minutes for 20 minutes:

  1. 40/30 Cal Row

      20 Wall Balls (25/16)

2. 40 Pullups

    20 Wall Balls (25/16)

3. 40 Pushups

    20 Wall Balls (25/16)

4. 40 Toes to Bars

   20 Wall Balls (25/16)


3 Rounds:

800m Run

Rest 1 minute

400m Run

Rest 3 minutes

This will be as political as I’ll get during this crazy period in our lives. Like anyone else, I have my views, but I’ve found expressing those views loudly doesn’t accomplish anything. Except maybe creating more of a divide amongst ourselves.

I’ve always believed in focusing on things you can control. The result of this election cannot be controlled, at least where we sit. There’s really no argument there. No matter what we do as individuals, it’s completely out of our hands as to what happens on Tuesday.

What I do know is this: regardless the outcome of the election we will continue to live in this country with each other. And the most important thing to remember is to continue to focus on what we can control.

There are three things I will be focusing on after this election is over (and before too): Spending time with, and cherishing my family. What foods I put into my body. Treating other people with respect and kindness.

Build your body up, eat the best foods, drink the best coffee, smile at people, say “thank you” and mean it, read more, and look at your families’ faces instead of your phone. 

Hillary, Trump, Gary Johnson or anyone else can’t take those things away from any of us. If we get taxed more, so what, it’s only money. If our guns get taken away, big deal, it’s just an object.  Not saying these things are necessarily unimportant, but they certainly are not THE most important.  If our president turns out to be less than savory, we’ll figure out how to get through it, as long as our priorities and values remain unwavering.