Pristein Program Starts Tomorrow

A. Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes:

    Back Squat 

6x55, 6x60, 6x65, 6x70, 6x75%

B. 5 Rounds:

    40 Double Unders

    10 KB/DB Thrusters (35/20)

    5 Power Cleans (155/105)


Tomorrow is the first day of the Pristein Program. Eat foods from your Food Chart and get a point for the day. Go off list, and receive a zero for the day. Don't stress about getting zeros. This is a long term plan, not just a few months of clean eating. If you eat all your meals during the day in the 40-30-30 fashion you get another point. So a maximum of 2 points per day 


Pristein Program Guidelines

40% Carbohydrates, 30% Protein, 30% Fat,


1.    You may consume a variety of whole foods in this program. Finding out which foods from the Food Chart suits you best will be of utmost importance to your long term wellness and performance. If you eat foods from the chart in a given day, you receive one point for that day.

2.    Eating meals in the 40-30-30 fashion will keep your energy levels and blood sugar under control. Seek this balance in macronutrient consumption with zeal. If you eat each meal of the day in this 40-30-30 balance, you receive a second point for day. If you eat lunch with no fat, or too much fat, for example, you would lose the balance point for that day

3.    Balance in the type of protein is particularly important. This means getting protein from a variety of sources (heavy meats, lighter meats, dairy and legumes). The goal is to find protein types that suit you best

4.    Snacking: including protein and fats with your snacks is ideal. However, experimenting with a carb only snack is allowed but you are encouraged to evaluate how you do with a carb only snack

5.    Dairy is a grey area in general. If you currently handle dairy well, continue to use it. If it doesn’t agree with you, limit its use or avoid it

6.    Make sure to avoid over-eating the higher glycemic index carbs (grains, starches). Printing the Glycemic Index and putting it on your fridge is a great way to keep it in check

7.    Do not consume white flour products. Use wheat products rarely. Consuming white or wheat products will result in a zero for the day

8.    Do not routinely drink fruit juice. Vegetable juices are allowed but not to be used daily. Drinking homemade fruit juice twice per week is acceptable. Any additional consumption will result in a loss of point for that day.

9.    Rice is listed under acceptable grains on the Food Chart. My recommendation is to limit rice to post workout meals only.

10.                  Fats are not to be over-consumed or avoided completely. The fats from your protein sources, plus the addition of healthy oils (olive, coconut, etc) will suffice

11.                  Moderation with alcohol is always a good practice. No more than two drinks per day. A third drink will result in a zero for the day

    10. Caffeine affects people in a multitude in different ways. Two cups of bulletproof-style coffee* is permitted per day or 1 cup of black coffee, any more and the daily point is lost.

    11. Sugar is not allowed in this program. Any sugar consumption will cost the daily point

    12. Limit the amount foods you consume that contain oxalic acid**. Eating one serving of these foods per day is permitted, any more and you will lose your daily point

     13. Some people do not do well with foods with phytates*** Soak phytate-containing foods overnight to eliminate this problem. Be careful not to over consume these foods

     14. Condiments: choose condiments that are sugar-free.


*I am a protein type and I have been doing the Bulletproof coffee recipe for over 2 years. With the butter and coconut oil in the coffee, I have not experienced any negative side effects from caffeine intake. I also add a scoop of vanilla protein to my coffee blend. Remember, a cup is a measuring cup, not a Venti.  


**avoid or minimize: black tea, blackberry, beets, beet greens, chard, chocolate, cranberries , currants, endive, grapes, green peppers, plums raspberries, rhubarb, strawberries, and tomatoes. Cooking destroys oxalic acid, so any of these foods cooked are okay


*** wheat bran, rice bran, whole wheat, corn, rye, oats, quinoa and brown rice at the top of the list. Phytate is highest in bran-based products.