Monday 1/25. Gymnastics Open Prep

A. Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes (6 sets)

    3 Deadlifts @ 85% + max rep DU's till 1:15 of each minute (45 sec rest per round)

B. 4 Rounds:

    6 Power Cleans (155/105)

    12 HSPU's

 Hey Guys,

By popular demand we are going to run 4 workshops entitled "Gymnastics Open Prep" to help our members fine tune the 4 movements listed below. Although the timing of this seminar is geared towards the Open, anyone is welcome to join us and improve these movements. We encourage you to sign up even if you cannot do these movements RX'ed. The drills we cover will get you closer to it. If you can do these movements RX'ed we will work on improving your and technique on each movement. 


Toes to Bar: January 30th

This workshop will cover the toes to bar movement, which has been present in every Open in the last 5 years. We will be covering the toes to bar kip, bar contact, linking the movement, breathing, and drill work for the individual.


Handstand Pushup: February 6th

This workshop will cover the kipping handstand pushup. Material covered will include positioning, timing, kipping, staying on the wall, and drill work for the individual

Chest to Bar Pullup: February 13th

This workshop will cover the kipping chest to bar pullup. We will cover the kip, making contact, body positioning and linking the movement. Also covered will be the butterly pullup and butterfly chest to bar pullup. 

Muscle Ups (Bar and Ring) February 20th

This workshop will cover the ring and bar muscle up. This course can be attended even if you do not have a muscle up. We will go over the ring/bar kip, body positioning, the turnover, the catch and the dip. 

Workshops will be coached by Joshua and assisted by Steph and myself.

The workshops will go for 90 minutes from 8:30am-10am each Saturday starting 1/30. Oly Lifting class will be at 10am followed by 11am WOD.

Cost will be $40 for each workshop or $120 for all 4.

We will be capping the workshops in order for each athlete to be adeuqtely coached. To reserve a spot for individual or all four, you can sign up through the link below: (Online Store, Services, Seminars and then you can select individual workshop or all four).