Wednesday "Our Kids Program"

A. Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes:

    5 Strict Chest to Bar Pullups + 10 Ring Pushups

B. 15 minute AMRAP: 

    100 Wall Balls (20/14)

    50 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

    25 Burpees Over the Bar



This post was written for the parents in our gym who have kids or teens. First, we are thrilled with the progress our kids and teens have made in their respective programs. Yesterday, Tia did 5 front squats at 110 pounds. Ben and Eben have been pushing each other, and both have become hard workers and great workout partners. And our kids (Jack, Vivian and Isa) are constantly smiling while at the gym.

We realize your kids are extremely busy. And so are you! But we also feel like an amazing opportunity exists with our Kids Program, and it’s being under-utilized. We have two goals with the program: one, to create an environment where your kids associate fitness with fun. And two, teach them how to move at a young age.

What could be more valuable to the physical development of a child than learning proper movement patterns at a very young age?  We believe, athlete or not, your child will use these tools for the rest of their lives. Not too mention, training will become a foundation for them and something they come to enjoy.

We also believe we have a special staff to ensure the kids are both safe and well-coached. Joshua has worked with young gymnasts since he was 16. He is an expert at teaching kids how to correctly perform body weight movements. I don’t know of any coaches in this area with his unique and vast skill set. We are lucky to have him. Steph has devoted herself to learning every detail of the CrossFit Kids Program. She is well-versed in their methodology and has formed wonderful relationships with our currently enrolled kids. I also have a lot of experience working with kids. In 2008, myself and two other teachers at Rolling Hills Country Day School started a kids sports and fitness camp which ran for 3 consecutive summers. I have logged hundreds of hours coaching Little League and Pony League Baseball. The point is, your kids are not only in good hands, but will learn a ton from the diverse and qualified background of each coach.

My main message is even though your kids are super busy, don’t forget about our Kids Program! As a kid who was obsessed with sports, and wanted to do nothing else, I look back and wish I had something like our program to be a part of. I know I could’ve avoided multiple sports injuries, and learned to move correctly in my teens, rather than in my twenties. If you have any questions about the Kids Program, shoot Steph an email ( and we’d love to make it work for your kids!