See write up below

See write up below


A. Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes:

    Push Press x 4

*if you have a current Push Press 1RM use 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 85%

**otherwise build by feel


B. 12-9-6

Cluster (115/75)

 Burpee over the bar

Part B is a repeat from Jan 27, 2015


Just an unbelievable day of PR's for the deadlift today. We had a few members enter new territory: Jim and Colin are both in the 400 club. Rick E is creeping up that way too with his 375 effort this morning. Jeff W is now in the 300 club with his 45lb PR today. Liesl, Lynn, Trina, Emily, Savanna N, and Wendy are all in the 200 club. Wendy had a 20lb PR to get there and Liesl had a 25lb PR to get to 210. We also have multiple ladies very close to that 200 threshold. Olga, Jess, Marinela, and Diane F now have deadlifts of 180lbs or higher.

Some other incredible PR's were: Ivy (185), Kathy (160), Jake F, Adam and Casey (360), Dr Marc (275), Scott M (275), Vince W (290), Dr Dave (325), Tom (285), and Tara (160)