Warm Up:


45s Hollow Hold

10 Supine Rows w/ racked barbell

8 Back Extensions (weighted)

5 Rounds:

45 seconds ON 45 seconds OFF

Row for Cals


KB Swings (53/35)

Walking Lunge Steps (35/20 DB's)


Last night Steph and I watched a documentary called “Fed Up”. Sometimes these nutritional documentaries don’t really deliver, but I found myself nodding my head in approval while watching. The message was one we already know: when fat was vilified and reduced in processed foods, sugar was added. When sugar was added, it was a complete disaster for the health of human beings in this country.

In 1980, there were no known cases of Type 2 Diabetes in children under the age of 18. Today there are over 100,000 cases. The documentary covered exactly what happened during this 30-year span. Sugar is what happened. And the means, politics, greed, and tragedy of all it went down and was the greatest assault on health of all time. Preventable deaths from obesity will go down as the largest killer ever.

Pretty grim stuff, but the sad part is those featured in the documentaries are trying desperately to lose weight. And most of them were teens. Unfortunately their efforts were misdirected as many of them were eating processed “health” foods that are brilliantly marketed to keep you eating them and believing they are good for you. Sugar can be more addictive than heroin, so these teens will battle sugar addictions for the rest of their lives.

The documentary showed how the changes in our food can make children weigh 300lbs, but what about those of us who are trying to push our fitness to new levels (and eat a clean diet)? Here is the message I’d like to hammer home: the daily allowance for sugar is zero. That’s right, on a daily basis you should not be consuming any sugar whatsoever.

Of course, even on a good day this is a difficult task. But the point is, plain sugar is not a required nutrient for the body to survive. The same way alcohol isn’t.  Anything that is not required by the body should not be consumed, and when it is consumed, the consumer should realize “this is a treat, this is not normal, I don’t need this, this not health promoting, this is moving me towards being sick, etc etc” .  Smoking one cigarette does not cause lung cancer, and eating a cheat meal does not cause obesity, but it is important to remember that a cigarette and sugar are both poisonous to our bodies.