Monday 5/4


Warm Up


5 Body Levers

15 Ring Pushups

A. Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes:

     Split Jerk


B. 15 Shoulder to OH @ 75% of heaviest from Part A*

C. 12-9-6

    Burpee Box Jumps

    DB Thruster (45/30)


3 Rounds of:

3 minutes to Run 400m

3 minutes to do 100 DU's

3 minutes to Row 500m

If you got off to bad start on the DLG Challenge (like myself), let's use this next week to get back on track. Ideally, you should be recording all the food you eat in a journal. I can't stress how valuable this is. If you can't record, focus on adding as many dark leafy greens in your diet as possible. This is a month to see how your workout and body feels on a meal plan that contains highly nutrient-dense foods. I personally make a DLG smoothie everyday and try to eat a DLG salad every too. Good luck and let's have a healthy week!