28% of Americans Have Not Exercised in the Past Year

Warm Up


30s Handstand Hold (facing wall)

10 Ring Dips

10 Back Extensions

A. Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes:

30 DU's + 3 Deadlifts @70-80%

B. 20 Chest to Bar Pullups

    30 Box Jumps (24/20)

    200m Run

   15 Chest to Bar Pullups   

   25 Box Jumps

  200m Run

  10 Chest to Bar Pullups

  20 Box Jumps 

  200m Run



 This was the punch line in a recent Wall Street Journal article about the sad state of sedentaryism in the U.S. According to the article (http://www.wsj.com/articles/we-all-need-to-shape-up-fast-1430089775), 28% of US residents have not done any exercise in the last year. This means no stretching, no gardening, no jogging, no golf, no croquet, nothing physical. It’s a pretty mind blowing statistic, when as a community we hold fitness at such high value.

 There has never been a larger disparity between the fit and non-fit in this country, ever. I am 100% convinced that the men and women at the CrossFit Games (and the hundreds of other CrossFitter’s that nearly made it) are the fittest people on earth. If there are fitter people out there, they can sign up for the Open and try to claim the quarter million cash prize. Rich Froning might be the fittest man in history; there have likely been many humans born genetically fitter before him, but his training is something that has never been seen before.

 CrossFit has shown what the human body is capable of more so than any other sport. Before CrossFit, running a sub 5 minute mile and back squatting 500lbs in the same day was a pipe dream. Now we’ve seen individuals with those type of efforts, plus 30 unbroken muscle ups. Incredible. 

 On the flip side, sickness, morbidity, and early preventable death are at an all time high. Those issues are far worse than just poor fitness, although it is assumed that individuals suffering from preventable diseases have the lowest fitness levels. Point is, there have never been more people at the lowest end of the fitness spectrum and highest level at the same time.

 So, we aren’t Games athletes but we also are not the 28% doing absolutely nothing. I think the important thing I realized after reading that article is that we are in the game, and we are winning. Every workout, every quality meal and every good night’s sleep is tacking on more health and fitness to our lives. And if life gets easier because of the time and diligence we put into our fitness, we’re doing pretty good.