Warm Up


30 second top of ring hold

8 Chin Ups (reverse grip)

12 Back Extensions

A. Every 2.5 minutes 7.5 minutes (3 sets)

    Back Squat x 8

60%, 65%, 70%

B. 3 Rounds:

    50 Double Unders

    15 Toes to Bar

    10 Shoulder to OH (165/115)

*Part B is a repeat from 9/15/14


15.5 Recap

The final workout of the 2015 Open featured two conditioning style movements. Both movements involved a large range of motion and a strong mental fortitude. Here are some highlights from 15.5:

On the female side, we had some amazing efforts. Lina had a time of 15:45, which was a top 10 women's score. Her determination and effort in the Open across all workouts was impressive. Dr. Lynn finished with a time of 13:12, second best in the gym amongst the ladies. Katie B was one of three gym members to redo 15.5, and it ended up being well worth it! She PR'ed by 4 minutes for a time of 18:04. Kelly H showed that rowing is one of her strengths with a time of 14:12. She was consistently pulling over 1000 calories an hour during 15.5. Steph also redid 15.5 and PRed with a time of 12:26. Wendy had an awesome scaled time of 12:45. This was Wendy's first Open and she completed all workouts with outstanding times.

The guys in the gym also an had tremendous performances. Scott H was one of the first members to attack 15.5 and his time of 11:45 held up as one of the top efforts in the gym. Rick Egan has been doing CrossFit for about 8 months, so his time of 13:54 was highly impressive. Frank V had a solid outing with a 13:23. Our masters athletes crushed 15.5! Dick (11:43), Dr. Marc (13:09) and Scott M (12:06) all posted scores under 15 minutes, well below the worldwide average. I'd also like to note that in the round of nines, Scott was pulling a higher cal per hour than Rob, Joe or Ryan did. Pete had a solid effort with an 11:25, and Norcio was right around 10 minutes with his 10:06. We also had 5 men go sub 10 minutes (Enrique, Rob, Ryan, Joe, and Erik). 

Great work everyone! I will post an overall Open summary early next week.