15.1 Open Highlights, Thursday 3/5

A. Every 2 for 10:

   Back squat x 2

60, 70, 80, 85, 90%

B. 4 Rounds:

    15 Wall Balls 

    15 KB Swings (53/35)

    5 Bar Muslce Ups (10 Ring Dips sub)

Some Open Highlights from 15.1:

Steph and I both agreed, last Saturday was the best atmosphere we’ve had for an Open workout yet. It was also the most impressive showing results-wise of any Open workout to date! Here are some highlights from 15.1:

Jim S hit a clean & jerk PR of #225 in his warm-up, then went on to PR that a few later with a #240 effort

Dr. Lynn had a great score on part 1 (134), due mainly to her hard work and practice of her TTB’s. She also hit a #130 Clean & Jerk which was a 10lb PR

Brian C’s 1 rep max snatch going into 15.1 was #110. After the dust settled, Brian hit a PR weight of #115 eight times!

Jess B had only lifted #75 one time before Saturday, as it was her current snatch PR. She lifted that same weight 9 times of Saturday!

Tara signed up for the Open last minute (due to the encouragement of her son Ben) and moved #55 twenty times during the 9 minute workout. That weight was her current 1RM clean & jerk going into 15.1. She then PRed that to hit 70 pounds for her new 1RM

Jeff W had a tremendous effort on 15.1. He PRed his snatch by 20lbs by hitting #115. He then went on to lift that weight ten more times. When that was done, he hit a #150 clean & jerk for a 15lb PR. Since Emily cant do the Open, Jeff had to lift for 3

Frank V had a solid showing on Part 1 (15th amongst males in the gym) and then hit a PR on his clean & jerk with a #185

Joe S hit a #180 clean & jerk for a PR. Joe’s weights continue to climb due to his consistency and focus on technique

Liesl had never snatched #75 until she did 15.1. She then moved that weight ten times, then PRed her clean & jerk by 10lbs, hitting #100!

Despite ripping his hand early on in the 9 minutes, Adam R still put together a great score of 123 on part 1

Herb power cleaned and push pressed 205 for a clean & jerk PR

Lina delivered Nico 3 months ago, signed up for the Open and was able to do the movements RX for 15.1

The Heck’s had a great showing during the 15.1. Both tied or exceeded clean & jerk PR’s and both had top tier scores on Part 1

Dr. Dave came in on Monday and redid the workout, improving his clean & jerk by 20lbs

Dick Haynes came in Monday and PR’ed part 1 by 18 reps!

Jake W and Jocelin also had great efforts on the workout. Jocelin hit a new 1RM snatch with the #75 lift and Jake hit a PR clean & jerk at #180

Contributing scores for team CFR (for each Open WOD, the top 3 male and female scores are combined to create a “super score” which is then ranked against all the CrossFit Affiliates in the world).


Part 1:

Joe P 189                   Steph 152

Ryan 174                    Stacey 145

Norcio 163                 Dr. Lynn 134


Part 2:

Rob 275                     Stacey 175

Ryan 275                   Steph 130

Joe 245                     Dr. Lynn 130