Friday 3/27

Sam Briggs has the time to beat at the moment with a 7:00 effort

Sam Briggs has the time to beat at the moment with a 7:00 effort

*Details for Saturday below

A. Mobility

   Barbell on Quads

   LB on Glutes

  Plate on Leg

  Bridge Hip Stretches

B. If you cannot make it to Saturday's Open session, do 15.5


1. Spend 3-5 minutes practicing cycling thrusters with an empty barbell. Focus on the timing of bringing the bar down into the next rep and perfecting the moment of when the bar goes overhead

2. 3 Rounds:

    15 calorie Row

    Rest 2 minutes

   Focus on long, hard pulls rather than fast medium pulls. See what pace works for you so that you're not blown out during your rest, but also not too fresh

3. Cool down with:

    5 minutes DU practice

   Couch Stretch

   Seated Wide Leg Stretch

   Child's Pose

Plan for Saturday:

We will meet at the gym at 9am to go over a game plan for 15.5 and have the first heat start warming up. We will start heats at 9:30am and will go until 11/11:30am (or whenever the last heat finishes). Let's stay and cheer everyone on as this will be the LAST Open WOD!

Starting at 1pm, we will have a BBQ at our house. We will have meat for the grill, snacks and some beer/wine. Feel free to bring your favorite dish (paleo or non-paleo) and beverage of choice. Text/email us or check the board at the gym for our address.

Let's close out a great Open season and celebrate!