15.4 Review 3/26

A. Every 2 minutes for 10:

    RDL X 5

*Use 90-100% of 1RM Clean

B. Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes:

   400m Run or 400m Row

   10 Burpees (15 for Advanced)   

Another Open week, another week of excitement and extraordinary performances. We had 20 members do their first RX HSPU! This goes to show that if presented with a challenge, we usually find a way to meet it. Here are some other highlights from 15.4:

Clean PR’s:

Brian Chan 10lb PR 

Dr Dave 20lb PR 

Tom 30lb PR 

Mara 5lb PR

Ivy 10lb PR

Shana 10lb PR

Trina 5lb PR

First RX HSPU (how many they got)

Steph (20)

Lynn (3)

Mara (18)

Ivy (5)

Jess (3)

Adam (4)

Tom (9)

Dave (3)

Shana (3)

Trina (3)

Jake W (14)

Brian C (3)

Diana (10)

Huber (9)

Rick E (9)

Kelly H (3)

Joe S (9)

Dr Lynn (9)

Dr. Dave (3)

Scott S (3)

Brian Chan’s #185 clean: this goes down as one of the best moments ever at the gym. Brian warmed up to #175, which matched his previous PR for a clean. He did his 3 HSPU’s in about 30 seconds, so he had over 7 minutes to work on the cleans. Brian attempted the #185 clean six times, and failed six times. Then, with about 15 seconds left in the workout, he got that barbell to land his shoulders, settled in the bottom of his squat and fought his way up for a good rep. The crowd went nuts, and Brian stood with a massive grin, one rep richer for his efforts.

Before the Open, the most Tom had ever cleaned was #155. When 3,2,1 Go sounded, Tom smoothly got through his 3 HSPU’s, marched over to the barbell and executed 3 singles at #185! In total, Tom did 6 cleans at this new weight

On Saturday, Dr. Dave someohow found himself alone in the final heat of the day for 15.4. But he sure did deliver a one-man performance. After doing his 3 HSPU’s, Dave headed over to his bar, and on attempt one, put up a 20lb clean PR at #185!

I wanted to give credit to all those who practiced and worked hard on their HSPU’s pushups this last week. Even if you were not able to get one, the practice on the wall will eventually pay off. For those that got their first one, if you continue to practice your kip and put in the time with strict work, 3 reps will quickly turn into 10.

CFR Team Score Contributors


Ryan 114

Norcio 77

Rob 75


Stacey 53

Steph 29

Mara 23