Friday 15.3 Announced

Colin is ready!

Colin is ready!

If you cannot do 15.3 on Saturday, do it tomorrow. Read below about doing it scaled if necessary.

15.3 RX

14 minute AMRAP:

7 MU's

50 Wall Balls (20/14)

100 DU's

15.3 Scaled

14 minute AMRAP:

50 Wall Balls*

200 Single Unders

*Men 20lb ball, 9' target

**Women 10lb ball, 9' target

Open Highlights from 15.2 coming soon!

If you are doing the Open WOD on Saturday, here is the plan:

We will work some muscle up progressions for those who are in the ballpark of getting one. The general prerequisites for getting a muscle up is having 5-10 unbroken chest to bar pull-ups and 5-10 kipping ring dips with no band.

A. Mobility

B. 3 Rounds:

10 Ring Dips

15 Russian Swings (53/35)

20 Burpees

400m Run

15.3 was announced today, and many hearts sank around the CrossFit Community, including some of our own. Muscle-ups as the first movement in a workout is unprecedented in the Open. It appears CrossFit is evolving and the bar is being raised worldwide. Expectations are now that to compete RX a muscle up needs to be a part of your skill set.

For us as a gym, nothing changes. Our ability to adapt to new movements, hard workouts, and the unexpected is what makes us CrossFitter's. And keep in mind our intentions for signing up for the Open: to get better and to have fun.

We can take this announcement two ways: get discouraged, get mad, and quit. Or we can get mad, get motivated and get better. We are going to have multiple members get their first ever muscle-up. That's a pretty big deal. We are also going to have multiple people work on their muscle ups a lot in the next few days, and that great for getting better. If this announcement lights a fire under your ass and you vow to have a muscle up by the next Open, you are probably in good company with thousands of CrossFitters around the world.

THERE IS NO SHAME IN DOING THIS WORKOUT SCALED. Even if you've done the first two workouts RX'ed. It's lighter Wall Balls (for females) and a shorter target (for males) and single unders. So let's attack those movements as hard as we can. Get the best score possible for you and your team and we will continue to compete in the Open and as a gym. Remember what we've achieved so far; so many of you have PRed and improved under Open conditions. Let's keep our heads up and keep working hard!