Open Mindset


f you would like to repeat the 15.1, it must be done and submitted by 5pm tomorrow.

A. Every 2 min for 10 min:

   Front Squat x 5 @65%

B. 4 Rounds:

    50 DU's

    20 Wall Balls (20/14)


3 Rounds:

2 min to run 400m

2 min of DU's

2 min of Situps

2 min of Rowing

3 min rest

Re-evaluating your Open Goals

Week 1 of the CrossFit Open is nearly in the books and it’s been a great few days already. A write up of PR’s and memorable performances will be up later in the week.

Katie Buckley and I were having a conversation today and it got me thinking about what our member’s mindset should be during the Open. Here’s a fact that we need to get on the table right off the bat: no one from our gym is going to the CrossFit Games this year. In fact, no one is going to make it to Regionals either. Every year, CrossFit as a sport becomes more competitive and more professionalized. This means the Open for 99% of the participants is a for-fun, no pressure competition. However, with the new Regional format, there is more pressure than ever on regional level athletes who are trying to advance, so let them be nervous!

For the rest of us the stakes are very low.  There is no need to put extra pressure on ourselves for these workouts. I told Katie, my favorite part of the Open (personally) is getting to check in and see how I perform under a more intense setting. I also enjoy doing the workout with training partners like Rob, Joe Stacey, Jamie etc which acts like a mini competition. Lastly, I enjoy Steph judging me, encouraging me, and supporting me. My score, at the end of the day, is secondary to all these other aspects. If I have a bad workout, or a movement gives me trouble, I begin right after the Open figuring out how to improve it.

My message to our members is this: have fun the next 4 weeks and don’t take this too seriously. Do the WOD side by side with your friends or training partners and push each other. Embrace the challenges and take note of areas to improve. Support your fellow gym-mates and celebrate their PR’s too. If you have a bad workout, learn from it and then step back and realize your livelihood does not depend on your performance.