Friday 2/27

A. Toe to Bar and Power Snatch Work


1. Practice your kip

2. Practice linking 3-4 reps

    *don't spend too much time on hanging from the bar, hand care will be paramount for this workout 

Power Snatch

1. if this is a heavy, one rep max type weight, build up to it and do 3-5 singles to build confidence and have a coach check technique

2. If you're comfortable with this weight, don't work on this movement 

B. Jerk Balance


   Tall Jerk


C. 3 Rounds:

   400m Run

  15 Russian KB Swings (53/35)

  45 Double Unders


We've only had 2 members do the Open WOD thus far, but the results were incredible. Ben A, 14 years old, had never but anything above 45 lbs over his head. He worked with Steph, warmed up his power clean and jerk, and was able to get 89 reps on the 9 min AMRAP. That means he did 14 clean & jerks at 65lbs! After that, Ben built up to a 75lb clean and jerk for a huge PR. It was awesome to watch Ben perform this workout and work so hard.

John Bourne planned on maxing out his clean & jerk tonight at 145lbs. That would've been a PR. However, when the time came, John finished the day with a 185lb clean & jerk! 

We've only had two athletes do 15.1, but we already have two great success stories. It will be exciting to see what is to come!