Thursday 2/19 How to Survive the CF Open

A. EMOM 10:

   Snatch x 1 @85%

B. 50 Box Jumps (24/20)

   40 Chest to Bar Pullups

   30 Shoulder to OH (135/95)

   20 Box Jumps (30/24)

   10 Snatches (135/95)

CFR Members signed up for the CF Open: 35


How to Survive the CrossFit Open

First off, this will be my 5th CrossFit Open, both coaching and participating.  I really enjoy this time of year, because it always feels like the gym community gets just a little bit closer. I enjoy seeing the progress our members have made, the PR’s and the new challenges met. Over the last 5 years, I’ve seen so much positivity come from our members during the Open. This is why we encourage each and every member to participate!

The programming during the Open is going to be restorative and skill specific to the Open workout going on that week. The day you do the Open workout is “game day” and the other days of the week will be devoted to practicing and perfecting movements. In other words, the 5-week Open period will be more of a de-load period.  Here are some tips on how to thrive during the Open:

Have fun and come into it with an “Open” mind

  Cheesy clichés aside, the Open is supposed to be fun. As I mentioned before, I’ve seen individuals surpass their own expectations countless times. Treat the Open as an opportunity to PR, break new ground, and enoy yourself with our community

Use the resources at the gym (The Yoga Class, Paleo Nick food, Jim’s body work, Joshua’s gymnastic coaching, etc)

The Open workouts are a whole different beast. You will hit these workouts harder than any other, it’s even hard to PR an Open workout later on in regular training. The point is, you need to treat your body with the utmost respect with this added intensity. Use all the resources at your disposal and your Open experience will be that much better

Put in the time before and after class with extra mobility and stretching

As mentioned above the Open is a competition, but also a period of recovery and restoration. Use the Open to really attack your mobility and flexibility. It’s the perfect time to do it. Consult a coach about specific mobility drills or check out for more ideas

Reign in your nutrition for the 5-week period

What I would suggest is following a 6 on, 1 off formula. Your cheat day should be the day of your Open workout. For example, if you do the Open wod at 10am on Saturday, your cheat day should be from 11am till midnight that same day. Make sure to stay well hydrated leading up to your Open workout. You can follow the NBC style meal plan or just keep it clean for the other 6 days of the week.