Thursday 12/31

Thanks to our members for making 2015 such a great year!

Thanks to our members for making 2015 such a great year!

4 Rounds:

400m Run

20 Box Jumps (24/20)

15 Deadlifts (155/105)

10 Chest to Bar Pullups

One class tomorrow at Noon

Tomorrow is the last day of 2015! Early January is usually when folks start to plan out their year, make resolutions and set goals. With my experience, resolutions typically start off strong and then fizzle out by mid spring. 

January can actually be a slower month at CFR, attendance-wise. My theory is that our members get out their routines for a number of reasons. The holiday season is the busiest time of year for most people. Travel, family, food, drinks, and parties can derail even the most devoted crossfitter. Plus, everyone knows that first week back after a long break can be brutal, so its natural a new start date can keep getting pushed back. 

Here are doe of my suggestions for starting the New Year off right:

1. Write down your goals

 -check on them once month and see if you are moving in the right direction. Put a date on them so you have a deadline to fight for. Write down a plan for each goal, this will be your road map for obtaining your goals. Here's an example:

5 Strict Pullups by September 1st. 

Plan: Every Monday and Friday, stay after class and do banded strict pull-ups. Try to decrease band resistance every month Every Wednesday, alternate between supine rows and ring rows

2. Coming to class is your #1 priority

  -all the well-thought out goals in the world won't happen if you aren't in the gym. Make it a priority to maximize your membership and never miss a class. If coming to CrossFit classes is low on your priority list, you'll find any reason not to come

3. Work on eliminating the excess in your life:

   -what are your main distractions? I've found that for me, it's really hard to read more books when I'm watching TV 2 hours a night. Similarly, if I'm on Facebook too much, I'm less likely to have time to stretch and mobilize at home. (both reading and stretching are important to me). Identify things that are preventing/distracting you from your main priorities, and work on eliminating them. 

4. Write down your intentions, and then file them in an envelope

 -these are not really goals but intentions. A few examples would be, "put more positivity into the world", "work on being more patient", or "spend more time with my kids". Write down as many as you feel like, file them away, and then open the envelope on December 31st. Check to see how well you did with these intentions, and then do it all over again the next year

Make 2016 the best year yet!