Jim Sullivan launches Bodywork Redondo

A. Every 90s for 15 minutes: 

   Power Clean + Split Jerk

B. EMOM 20:

   1. 8 Power Cleans (135/95)

   2. 10 Burpees over the Bar

   3. 15/12 Calorie Row

   4. 10 Toes to Bar

By Jim Sullivan:

I am very excited to announce the launch of Bodywork Redondo! A massage therapy studio based inside Crossfit Redondo that will provide services for members at a discounted rate. Body work is an integral part of maintaining the high level of fitness that each of us strive for in the gym. However many of us neglect spending the extra time on flexibility or “rolling out” due to the time constraints of modern life. Without a good idea of anatomy, it’s difficult to know what muscles groups to focus on for optimal results, so a lot of people only do mobility when it’s required in the workout. Unfortunately poor flexibility plus over-exertion of compensatory muscles from lapses in proper body mechanics are major sources of injury for Crossfit Athletes. 

Over the passed year I’ve been studying at the South Bay Massage College and have completed courses in Anatomy, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage and Myofascial release. Currently I am a certified massage practitioner (CAMTC ID# 100733) With this new knowledge, I have developed routines that are designed to assist the movements associated with popular Crossfit exercises. For example if you are having an issue with ankle flexibility while doing a clean, my ankle mobility techniques will focus on your peroneals (muscles responsible for foot flexion/extension), achilles and calf muscles to help you achieve optimum squat depth.

I will also be offering Rehab services for chronic ailments such as shin splints, lower back pain, tight IT Bands etc. Once the issue is identified through testing I can come up with a routine to alleviate pain, improve healing and get you back into the gym. I can also help with overall soreness after an intense workout. If you are looking to just relax, I will be offering traditional Swedish Massage on weekends. My spin on this classic modality is a “Firm Swedish” which incorporates myofascial work, cranial sacral and some reflexology for a well rounded massage experience.

I will begin seeing client’s at Bodywork Redondo on Monday Febraury 2nd. For the first two weeks of operation, I am offering sessions at $10 per half hour. During this time I will be working on timing of techniques and taking account off what mobility issues/injuries are most common in the gym. The studio will be open for walk-in’s during these times:

Beginning February 2nd

Monday: 4-7pm

Tuesday: 5-8 pm

Wednesday: 4-7 pm

Thursday: 5-7 pm

Come by and get some body work done before or after class! I will also accept appointments for Friday and weekend sessions.

Email: jim@vjjimbo.com