A. Every 2 for 10:


  55x 10, 65x 8, 75x 6, 85x 3, 90x 2

B. EMOM 5:

   2 Deadlifts @ 85% + 30 DU's

C. 3 Rounds:

    15 Burpees 6" target

    10 Chest to Bar Pullups

Pretty cool endurance success story came from Sunday's class. Scott Magee joined CFR in August of 2012. That September, he ran a two mile time trial and his time was 27:04 (13:32 per mile pace). Many 6pm endurance classes later, as well as a few Spartan races, Scott ran a 17:56 for two miles. That's a 9 min PR and an 8:58 pace! In true CrossFit fashion, not only is Scott faster on his runs, but a whole lot stronger too. He's a great example of how it's possible to improve in ALL areas of fitness