A. Every 2 min for 10 min:


55% x8, 65 x6, 75 x4, 85x2, 85 x2


  3 Deadlifts @80% + 30 Double Unders*

  *if last week 30 was manageable, increase to 40

C. 10 Min AMRAP:

   50 Toes to Bar

  100 Double Unders


Tabata Row

Rest 4 minutes

Run 800m

Rest 3 minutes

800m Run

Rest 2 minutes

800m Run

Rest 1 minutes

800m Run

With the recent upswing in road accidents, it's time for a quick reminder on safety while our members are out on the road. Please read the following:

- when entering or exiting the CFR driveway, be aware that members may be returning or exiting the building on a run. Please do not speed up or down the driveway. Keep in mind many people are entering and exiting the Physical Therapy building throughout the day as well

-when crossing streets like AVE D, glance to your left and make sure a car is not turning right on you

-when going through lights, watch out for right turners, and incoming cars turning left on a green light

-during the endurance, try to wear light colored shirts. Also do this if you see running in a WOD and know you'll attend a night class

The most nerve wracking days for us coaches is when we have a lot of members out on the road. Please keep these guidelines in mind and lets keep everyone safe!