A. Deadlift


B. 8 minutes:

  25 Deadlifts (245/155)

  50 Double Unders

  50 Wall Balls (20/14)

  25 Toes to Bar


The above video features the male and female CrossFit Games podium finishers, so the 6 fittest humans on earth. They explain how many hours they train per day. Here's my take on what the men said:

-Froning is a volume-beast. He's saying he trains from 9am-7pm, doing something every few hours, essentially his full-time job is training

-Matt Fraser spends 9 hours at work, plus a 1 hour commute each way. He trains 1-2 hours per day

-Khalipa has a family and owns multiple gyms. He trains for 3-4 hours per day, broken up into 1 hour sessions

This is very interesting. Froning is the 4-time Fittest Man on Earth and trains the most. The fact that he can maintain that type of volume and effort over the course of 5 years is shocking. His regimen is that of an elite level athelte. Tiger Woods golf practice schedule probably looks like Froning's training schedule. When Arnold was at the peak of his body building career, he would spend 10 hours in the gym as well. Froning's routine can probably only be mimicked by Froning, many other athletes would break down from over training or mental exhaustion. This is also probably why he has won the last 6 Sunday events at the CF Games: he is used to performing under Games conditions, all the time.

Matt Fraser proves the point that you can get extremely fit by only training a couple of hours per day, while maintaining a full-time job. I remember Spealer once saying he only did one workout per day, even if it was just Back Squat 5x5. But, he said he would bring every ounce of intensity he had to that session. Fraser has youth (and genetics) on his side and it will be interesting to see if he decides to incresae his volume now that he has sniffed the podium. With Froning and Khalipa both going team next year, that $275,000 may be his for the taking. 

Khalipa's comments were the most intriguing to me. He won the CF Games in 2008 and has since been Mr. Consistent, either on the podium or close by. He stated he goes in his garage gym for an hour and works at a furious pace the entire time. Intensity and quality training are his secrets to success. He isn't concerned with the amount of hours put in, rather, the quality of each session.

How can we mere mortals learn from this interview? First, none of us are ever going to be the Fittest on Earth, but we can aim to be the fittest version of ourselves. What I took from this interview is to never waste a training session. Warm up with a purpose, hit the workout with focus and intensity, and get better every day. In other words, 3 workouts per day done with moderate intensity may not be as effective as a one-hour session of complete focus and intensity. Also, it is important to keep in mind that training can still be accomplished even when one is busy. If Matt Fraser can become the Second Fittest Man with a full-time job, we can all carve out some time in our day to work on self-improvement.