Confessions from a CrossFit Coach




  *loading= 1RM Clean

B. 24 minute EMOM:

  1.  10 KB/DB Thrusters (45/30)

  2. 10 Ring Rows

  3. 10 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)

Next Saturday's 10am class (9/6) will be a 4-person coed team workout. Two males, two females, three events. A team sign up sheet will be in the gym from today until next Friday. Start getting your team together ASAP!


During my workout last night I almost quit. Almost as bad, I gave up. I let the workout beat me, my attitude became negative and my performance declined drastically. For an athlete this is the ultimate disappointment, because giving up is a choice. Physical mistakes and limitations are going to happen to everyone; baseball hitters fail 7 out of 10 times yet are still considered successful. But mental weakness is a choice, and nothing feels worse than knowing you gave less than 100% effort.


During the workout, every excuse I could think of crossed my mind; you didn’t sleep well last night, your diet hasn’t been perfect, you are working out alone, you are almost 30 now, etc etc. These thoughts are poison, and did nothing but slow me down even more. Yes, my body was barking at me, but in CrossFit we experience this every day. We learn to ignore this discomfort the more we get to that breaking point.


It’s actually really hard to move past a workout like that. I can always figure out a way to improve my chest to bar pullups, and spend extra time drilling the snatch. But how do I get mentally tougher?  I believe the answer is to continue to challenge oneself and to continue to embrace the discomfort of the workout. This Invictus programming is definitely doing this for me. At least the suffering/challenging part of the deal.


I always like to end these posts on a positive note, and I realize the above is somewhat of a grim outlook from me. But I think it is important to keep in mind you cannot beat CrossFit workouts, no one can. You can only give everything of yourself and reap the rewards of a healthy lifestyle in return. And that prize cannot be faked or bought, it is invaluable.