Wednesday-Battle of the Boxes Recap


A. Every 90s for 15 minutes:

1 Snatch

start at 50% and build from there

B. 2 Rounds:

  2 min Max Rep Toes to Bar

  2 min Max Rep Ring Dips

  2 min Max Rep Snatches (use 70% heaviest load from Part A)

  4 min Rest


Battle of the Boxes Recap

As Steph and I drove out to Ventura on Friday night, the first thing we realized was that Ventura is damn near close Santa Barbara. And as we South Bay folks all know, Santa Barbara might as well be Phoenix or Vegas, distance-wise. Anyway, Steph and I arrived at the Ventura Marriott with more luggage than we take to Montana for a week. Her car was filled to the brim with foam rolls, shoes, bands, blenders, coffee makers, protein powders, the CFR tent, and many more crucial items for optimal competition performance. 

When I checked our team in on Saturday morning, I quickly realized we were the only team who came up from the South Bay. I didn't know a soul (save LG). Many of the teams were gyms in the Ventura area or a little further North. I did recognize some really solid CrossFit athletes. CrossFit Redlands, who won the whole thing, has been to the Games twice as a team. I counted several GRID athletes, and many more regional athletes. The top end of the field was stacked!

When the buzzer went off for our first workout, Joe swung the 70lb KB 45 times, then quickly picked it up and finished his last 5 swings to make his 50. Then I picked it up and went 40-10, Stacey 30-10-10. Steph picked up the 53lb KB and swung it 45 times in a row, then a quick 5 to finish that portion of the workout up. We were the first team done with that phase in our heat. Then came the burpees and hang power cleans. The 40 burpees each was climax of the workout. These needed to be done at a blistering pace, and left each of us heaving for air. Next came thrusters and pull-ups, 30 each. Stacey and Joe competed their share and then, with time running out it was our turn to hop in. Steph finished with 15 thrusters and I with 30 pull-ups. This effort was good enough for 15th place on that WOD. We poured everything into that WOD, and it was by far the most taxing WOD on us physically.

We did the floater WOD next, which consisted of a max distance broad jump and a keg carry relay. Each of us got 3 attempts at the broad jump and they took our best score. Coincidentally, Joe and I were very close on our two jumps, around 115 inches, while Stacey and Steph were exactly 87 inches each. When we combined all our best efforts, we placed 14th on the broad jump.

The second part of the floater consisted of a keg carry relay. Each team member carried a keg (100lb for men, 65lb for women) about 40 yards, twice. Our team rehearsed this workout multiple times and had a solid strategy going in. We executed this strategy to near perfection, placing 8th on this WOD. All those log carries at CFR came in handy! 

The last WOD made the competition totally worth the long day and long drive there and back. This workout was written as follows:

400 Double Unders

100 Deadlifts (225/155)

100 Ring Dips

100 Back Squats (185/135)

100 Wall Balls (20/14, 10' target for all genders)

40 Bar Muscle Ups

The work can be shared in any manner the team wished. We came into this workout with a well-thought-out strategy for dividing up the reps for the best result. In our heat of 10 teams, we came off the double unders first. We then came off the deadlifts before any other team. Somewhere amidst the ring dips and back squats, a team passed us, but no other team would during that WOD. Stacey stepped up during the ring dips, executing sets of 10 and 8 when we originally planned on her doing sets of 5. We relied on Steph and Joe to do the most back squats and they stepped up big time. We got big chunks done on the wall balls with myself leading off with 30, Joe 35, Stacey 20 and Steph finishing the 15. We knew the bar muscle ups would be the critical point in the workout. Joe and I consistently did sets of 4 or 5, while Stacey filled the gaps with singles and doubles. I conserved some energy on the earlier sets and was able to get us from 31 reps to 37, while Joe finished the WOD with 3 unbroken reps to give us second place in our heat. We sprinted to the finish with smiles on our faces, knowing we executed our game plan extremely well and had a lot of fun doing it. That was the most fun I've ever had in a team workout, and I know the rest of the team had a blast as well. We placed 11th on that WOD.

Overall, team CFR had a very consistent showing at the Battle of the Boxes. Our strategy was on point and our fitness level matched. We were thrilled with a 12th place finish, considering the level of competition finishing ahead of us. Most importantly, we gelled as a team and had fun competing together. We are all looking forward to Code 3's event on December 6th, where we will have 12 CFR athletes competing there!