A. Back Squat


*all 5 sets @ 75% of 1RM

B. 12 min AMRAP:

    6 Strict HSPU's

    12 Russian Swings (70/44)

  **with a smaller set of Strict HSPU's, try to stack less abmats/plates. If you did the endurance WOD yesterday, we will sub Box Jumps for Swings


We are barely a week into the NBC. Do a quick assessment and note how you are feeling, how the WOD's are going, and what you can improve upon. Some of you are living with out some pretty big-time habit foods. Keep it up! If you are off to a poor start, try to reign it back in and take it one meal at a time. Juicing this often can be a tall task, but try to stick with it. Once the NBC I'll post a longer term plan for juicing regularly, but not necessarily every day. Finally, have fun with new recipes and get creative in the kitchen!